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Weekend Rerun –ELK GROVE FORD Jr. Sprint Class – Sweep Season for Parriera, Points Picture Shaken Up


KING OF CALIFORNIA Micro Sprint Series – VISALIA, Calif. (April 29, 2018) – As the King of California Series officially crossed a quarter of the way through the season, the points battle is taking shape in your Elk Grove Ford Jr. Sprint Class.

It all began Friday Night for round number three at Keller Auto Raceway, at Plaza Park, in Visalia, California. Highly regarded as a technical track, drivers would be on their toes trying to not let the tenth competitor of the night, the track, be what beat them. As the green flag dropped on the main event it would be round-two winner, Jett Barnes, leading the field to green with round-one winner, Austin Wood, directly to his outside. From the drop of the flag the battle appeared to be on, but it would not materialize the way many had envisioned.

Just one week prior, in a regular Keller points race, Jett Barnes and Dalton Parriera, had a wheel to wheel battle for the ages, with Barnes coming out on top. Throw Austin Wood in the mix and it appeared we would have a three man battle royale to the finish, but it was not to be. Barnes led early; and even overcame a nasty bobble in turn four. He looked poised to claim victory after recapturing the lead by passing both Wood and Parriera back after they capitalized from his bobble. Then came lap eight. With just 12 to go, and a battle brewing, the red flag would wave. However the young men at the front of the pack kept on battling.

As Jett Barnes and Austin Wood went down the back strait-away neither one of them was going to give an inch. The lights were already on and most of the Keller Auto Raceway crowd had their attention turned to the accident when: coming out of turn four, all you heard was a loud, “Bang,” the familiar sound of two cars making contact, first, with each other, and then with the wall. You could tell this impact was hard as that thump echoed throughout the entire facility.

All of the sudden the attention shifted to the carnage in turn four. The contact would prove to be costly as Austin Wood had to pull into the infield, unable to return, and Barnes was shook up enough to vacate the race with the assistance of his father. Just like that, your first two King of California winners found themselves on the outside looking in. To add insult to injury, Barnes also turned the fastest lap of the entire race. It was a tough pill to swallow according to Nick Barnes, Jett’s dad.

This would hand the lead to Dalton “the sheriff” Parriera. As racing resumed the sheriff showed the field why he earned that nickname. He put his metaphorical badge on and checked out. Kinser Ferguson found himself in second, and put on a valiant charge, but would end up runner-up. We had a fresh face find the final spot on the podium. Dash Duinkerken was able to hold strong to the third spot and pick up the Max Papis Innovations 3rd place award for round-three at Keller Auto Raceway.

It was a wild night that left Parriera saying he, “really wanted to earn one on the track at Lemoore,” at round-four. He would have his opportunity just a mere 24 hours later as round-four was scheduled to get underway the very next day at Lemoore Raceway. As everyone left Keller Auto Raceway many wondered if the two top drivers, Barnes and Wood, were even going to make it to race round-four.

Plaza rd three jr winner
Dalton Parriera takes the checkered flag at Rd 3 – Keller Auto Raceway PC: Dave Worden – Action Captured Images/
plaza rd three jr podium
Round 3 – ELK GROVE FORD Jr Sprint Podium Dalton Parriera (1st, center) Kinser Ferguson (2nd, left) Dash Duinkerken (3rd, right)

As things kicked off Saturday Night at Lemoore Raceway it would become apparent that Friday Night would have a detrimental impact on the championship standings. Sometimes being consistent and finishing every race can be a racers biggest ally, as we would come to find out by the end of King of California weekend number two.

When the green flag dropped for the 20-lap feature Parriera and Barnes lead the field to the flagstand. Parriera was able to get out front early and set sail on the field, just the way he said he wanted to do it. There was no gift on this night. Lap after lap, Parriera extended his lead, eventually building nine-tenths of a second gap over Barnes, and capturing his second checkered flag of the weekend to complete the King of Cal sweep. No one in the field had anything for the sheriff at round four; he was able to complete the weekend sweep in dominant fashion. Just like that, after not competing at the first round, he now holds the highest win total in the series, and finds himself in contention for the Elk Grove Ford Jr Sprint Title.

Round-one winner, Austin Wood, had his troubles once again at Lemoore Raceway, and ended up with another DNF. His troubles put him even further behind the eight ball when it comes to championship standings. Jett Barnes held on to second, collecting good points for the series, and regaining some of the momentum he lost at round-three. We had a newcomer to the podium at Lemoore Raceway – Cash Lovenburg was able to drive his way to the third position and hang on for the final podium spot. Lovenburg would collect your Max Papis Innovations (MPI) 3rd place award.

As the weekend came to a close the point’s picture had been shaken up dramatically. After four rounds of racing, Jett Barnes holds onto to an eight point lead over Colton Key, who has remained steadily consistent. Barnes currently has Thirteen points over Austin Wood, and 24 over Dalton Parriera, who has yet to fully commit, but now owns the most wins, a head full of confidence, and a rising point total, that proves he is as much a contender as anyone out there.

The Elk Grove Ford Jr Sprint Class is sure to go down to the wire. Barnes, Wood, and Parriera have proven to be the class of the field so far. Can anyone else find their way to the top step of the podium to break up the party?

The King of California Series resumes, Friday, May 18, at Dixon Speedway, in Dixon, California for round five and Saturday, May 19, at Delta Speedway, in Stockton, California for round six. The stage is set for battle, who will be crowned king?

lemoore rd four parriera winning
Dalton “the sheriff” Parriera completes the weekend sweep winning rd 4 at Lemoore Raceway PC: Dave Worden – Action Captured Images/
lemoore rd four jr podium
Rd 4 ELK GROVE FORD Jr Sprint Podium: Dalton Parriera (1st, Center) Jett Barnes (2nd, Left) Cash Lovenburg (3rd, Right)

OFFICIAL RESULTS – Round 3 (4/27/18): Keller Auto Raceway (Top 5):

  1. Dalton Parriera
  2. Kinser Ferguson
  3. Dash Duinkerken
  4. Andi Jones
  5. Colten Key


OFFICIAL RESULTS – Round 4 (4/28/18): Lemoore Raceway (Top 5):

  1. Dalton Parriera
  2. Jett Barnes
  3. Cash Lovenburg
  4. Dash Duinkerken
  5. Colten Key


  1. Jett Barnes: 174
  2. Colton Key: 166 (-8)
  3. Austin Wood: 161 (-13)
  4. Dalton Parriera: 150 (-24)
  5. Caleb Debem: 93 (-81)


King of California Series would like to cordially thank Keller Auto Raceway and Lemoore Raceway for hosting the series. We also would like to thank all of sponsors. None of this would be possible without any of them.


  • Joe W. Lewis Snap-On
  • Racepunk Race Apparel
  • Elk Grove Ford
  • Salmon Motorsports
  • Southern Pacific Farms
  • Galante Bros Grading and Paving
  • Advantage Pools and Service
  • C&K Towing
  • Hanford Jewelry and Loan
  • Financial Center Credit Union
  • Driven Performance
  • Cs9 Chassis
  • CSi Shocks (competition suspension Inc)
  • MPi (Max Papis Innovations)
  • Schoenfeld Headers
  • Keizer Aluminum Wheels
  • Driven Performance/D1 Chassis
  • CS9 Title Contingency
  • DIRT CO Media House
  • Ano-Tech Anodizing Specialists
  • Caps Coatings
  • Bullet Impressions
  • Huckleberry Motorsports
  • Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino


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