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Weekend Rerun – RACEPUNK Restricted 600 Class – Game On, Onslaught of Top Contenders Emerge


KING OF CALIFORNIA Micro Sprint Series – VISALIA, Calif. (April 30, 2018) – No class boasts the level of national caliber competitiveness as the Racepunk Restricted class. The young guns of the Restricted class have elevated their game, traded punches, and proven this title fight is going to go down to the very last lap of Round -16.

With names like Day, and Thornhill, winners of the most prestigious races in Micro Sprint racing, there has been no lack of new faces coming forward to claim a piece of that coveted glory. This weekend, Caeden Steele, and Dylan Bloomfield, were able to rise to the occasion, find the top step of the podium, and cement themselves as true contenders for the King of California crown.

When the series rolled into Keller Auto Raceway for round-three, all eyes were on the top contenders. Just one short week prior to round-three, Day and Thronhill put on a show for the ages at Keller Auto Raceway. They battled back and forth for 25 laps which led many to believe this weekend would be more of the same. However, there was a young man who had been lurking in the shadows, putting in solid performances, and gaining confidence with every race leading up to round-three.

Caeden Steele landed on the podium of round-two at Delta Speedway, and was very competitive in doing so. He was close, just a tick off, but enough to garner the confidence he needed to put it all together. The stage was set from the get-go at Keller Auto Raceway. In qualifying 1st through 8th were separated by less than a tenth of a second, and all the contenders were in the mix.

Heat race action would prove just how technical the Keller Auto Raceway track would be during round-three. Corey Day spun out all by himself in his heat and landed in the “B” main. He would make it through the “B” but had to start the feature from the 16th position. Meanwhile, Caeden Steele, and Colby Thornhill started on the front row.

As the green flag dropped on the 25 lap feature, Caeden Steele took off and left the field to battle behind him. Unfortunately just five laps in, a massive pile up would ensue, and leave one of the brightest rookies in the class, Reilee Phillips, with a broken arm. Tough break for the young man who put on a valiant charge at Lemoore Raceway the weekend prior and proved to everyone he is soon to be a contender in the class as well.

The show went on and Caeden Steele drove away from the field. It was all Steele at round-three. He mastered the technical Keller Auto Raceway, and drove his number 121 straight to the top of the podium. Colby Thronhill would pilot his PGH Excavation, number 19, CS9, to second and solid points. Dylan Bloomfield would round out the podium and take home the Max Papis Innovations (MPI) 3rd place award.

steele plaza rd three win car
Rd 3 was all Caeden Steele he went wire to wire. PC: Cameron Hagemen Photography
plaza restricted rd three podium
Racepunk Restricted 600 Podium – Caeden Steele (1st, Center) Colby Thornhill (2nd, Left) Dylan Bloomfield (3rd, Right) PC: Cameron Hageman Photography

After having quite the consistent and quietly successful King of California campaign to this point, Bloomfield would soon become the focal point of the series himself. Bloomfield brought home a solid top five at round-two. He never let the leaders get out of sight at Delta, and found the podium at Keller. There was only one more step to climb for the young driver out of Discovery Bay – to the top.

As the sun set on round number four at Lemoore Raceway, 34 cars found themselves vying for a mere 20 spots in the Racepunk Restricted Feature. When the dust settled and the lineup was set, it would be young Dylan Bloomfield pacing the field to green with Corey Day right alongside him. Two titans of the class would bring the field to the point with the likes of quick time driver – Guage Garcia starting 4th, Colby Thornhill 7th, and the previous nights winner, Caeden Steele, all the way back in 11th.

Whoever planned on winning at round four, with this stacked class, would have their work cut out for them. Twenty-five laps the distance separated one of the nation’s most talented fields with its next winner.

When the flag finally waved Dylan Bloomfield put the hammer down in his Hyper Chassis and jumped out to the early lead. However it would be no easy feat. Guage Garcia, who had proven to be the fastest in the class all night, got around Day, and looked to have his sights set on Bloomfield. An early caution on lap three would bunch the field back up and put your leader to the test. The top of the race track was coming in and Garcia had figured it out. Being the leader Bloomfield had to guess where the man with the momentum was going to go when the race re-fired. Like a seasoned veteran when the flag dropped Bloomfield went straight upstairs, took the fast line away and seized the momentum.

More cautions would test Bloomfield as the race went on. With every restart young Bloomfield stepped on the loud pedal and showed his competitors he is a real force to be reckoned with. It seemed whatever curve ball got thrown his way he was able to handle instinctively with the precision of a professional. When the race finally got into a rhythm; Bloomfield was able to open up a half second lead on the field while rim riding the top of Lemoore Raceway. It was Bloomfield’s race to win. By lap 20 he extended his margin to a blistering 1.2 seconds.

However there was another young man putting on the performance of his life. Caeden Steele started all the way back in the 11th spot, and from the drop of the flag he picked off drivers in front of him like they were tied to a post. Clearly his race craft was on another level this night as his lap time wasn’t as fast as the leaders, but he made short work of the rest of the field. With three laps to-go, Steele found his way all the way up to 3rd, and looked to be reeling in Garcia.

It would all be for not as the laps continued to click away. The white flag waved for Dylan Bloomfield as his gap shrunk down to just eight tenths of a second. He would not be deterred though, as he was able to wheel his number 33, Hyper Chassis, with Hinkle Performance tuning it and Hamblin Motorsports power under the hood, to just his third career victory in a 600.

“It feels awesome,” said Bloomfield, as he absorbed the reality of his accomplishment, “It’s unbelievable.”

After inching closer and closer with every round the stars aligned for Dylan Bloomfield at round-four. He ripped around Lemoore Raceway like a seasoned veteran, and established himself as a driver his competition needs to be on the lookout for.

Guage Garcia wheeled the Tarlton and Sons, recognizable black number 21 to the runner up spot, “I had nothing for Dylan tonight,” said Garcia. “He was just running the perfect line, he was beating me tonight, I just got beat.”

Caeden Steele and his epic charge to the front from 11th may have stole the show however. With that performance, following a win at round-three, Caeden Steele and his number 121, PMP Chassis, sits atop the points standings.

A quarter of the way through the season there is still a lot of racing to be done, but the true contenders have definitely established themselves. Even Colby Thornhill, who suffered a spin at the hands of another driver, was able to recover and charge all the way up to a top 10 and solid points, and statement performance. No matter what gets thrown his way, he’ll be there in the end.

It’s evident the Racepunk Restricted Title will not be handed out a minute sooner than the final checkered flag waves at round-16. With four different winners, at four different races, the unpredictable nature of a class, and so much talent, 1st through 5th are separated by a mere 47 points in the championship standings. Only 103 points separate 1st all the way back to 10th. No one is out of contention just yet. The class of the field is emerging. Drivers like Steele, and Bloomfield, are here to stake their claim as some of the nation’s fastest in the class. Who will emerge victorious?

Find out when the saga continues. The King of California Series resumes, Friday, May 18, at Dixon Speedway, in Dixon, California for round five and Saturday, May 19, at Delta Speedway, in Stockton, California for round six. The stage is set for battle, who will be crowned king?

bloomfield winner rd four lemoore
Dylan Bloomfield picked up his first win of the season in the Racepunk Restricted 600 class and his third ever in a 600. PC: Dave Worden – Action Captured Images/
lemoore rd four rest podium
Rd 4 – Lemoore Raceway, Racepunk Restricted 600 Podium, Dylan Bloomfield (1st, Center) Guage Garcia (2nd, Left) Caeden Steele (3rd, Right)

RACEPUNK Restricted 600:

 OFFICIAL RESULTS – Round 3 (4/27/18): Keller Auto Raceway (Top 5):

  1. Caeden Steele
  2. Colby Thornhill
  3. Dylan Bloomfield
  4. Bryson Bettencourt
  5. Jade Avedisian
  6. Corey Day

OFFICIAL RESULTS – Round 4 (4/29/18): Lemoore Raceway (Top 5):

  1. Dylan Bloomfield
  2. Guage Garcia
  3. Caeden Steele
  4. Corey Day
  5. Devon Courtnier


 Racepunk Restricted 600

  1. Caeden Steele 196
  2. Corey Day     189 (-7)
  3. Dylan Bloomfield 165 (-31)
  4. Devon Courtnier 157 (-39)
  5. Colby Thornhill 149 (-47)
  6. Eli Bookout     136 (-60)
  7. Matthew Tatoole 128 (-68)
  8. Ashlyn Rodriguez 115 (-81)
  9. Hailey Wood 104 (-92)
  10. Katey Syra 93  (-103)

King of California Series would like to cordially thank Keller Auto Raceway and Lemoore Raceway for hosting the series. We also would like to thank all of sponsors. None of this would be possible without any of them.


  • Joe W. Lewis Snap-On
  • Racepunk Race Apparel
  • Elk Grove Ford
  • Salmon Motorsports
  • Southern Pacific Farms
  • Galante Bros Grading and Paving
  • Advantage Pools and Service
  • C&K Towing
  • Hanford Jewelry and Loan
  • Financial Center Credit Union
  • Driven Performance
  • Cs9 Chassis
  • CSi Shocks (competition suspension Inc)
  • MPi (Max Papis Innovations)
  • Schoenfeld Headers
  • Keizer Aluminum Wheels
  • Driven Performance/D1 Chassis
  • CS9 Title Contingency
  • DIRT CO Media House
  • Ano-Tech Anodizing Specialists
  • Caps Coatings
  • Bullet Impressions
  • Huckleberry Motorsports
  • Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino
  • Action Captured Images

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