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Kings of Keller__ Keller Auto Raceway Hosts KofC Round 13

writeups_super.jpg(Photo by Cameron Hageman) SPRINT CAR INSIDER King of California Micro Sprint Series, VISALIA, Calif. (September 7, 2018): The 2018 King of California made it’s fourth and final appearance to Keller Auto Raceway Friday night for round 13. As the series hits the home stretch and things are winding down the pressure is heating up and history is on the line. The end of the 16-round series draws nearer and the weight of the championship is showing for some contenders while others are on a march write their name In the history books.

wood parriera kellerComing into round 13 at Keller Auto Raceway in the Elk Grove Ford Jr Sprint class, points leader, Dalton Parriera, and runner-up, Austin Wood have been battling all year long. Parriera brings seven wins with him after a dominant first half of the season. However in the last few weeks, Austin Wood has shifted the momentum.  In the 20 lap feature Parriera held the advantage in the early stages of the race. When lap traffic became a factor, Wood was able to capitalize. After putting on a battle for the Keller Auto Raceway crowd, Wood eventually took the lead and never looked back cruising to his 4th  King of California victory of the year.

As the green flag flew on the 30 lap, Joe W. Lewis Snap-On Super 600 feature, Raio Salmon lead Cody Christensen and the rest of the field to green. For the majority of the season, 13-year old, Joey Ancona, of Concord has been the hallmark of consistency.  After starting the season off with five straight podiums and one King of California victory, Ancona’s consistent runs had him in supreme command of the series. But fate would not play out in Ancona’s Favor at round 13 as the season winds down. On the end of lap one his car began to slow coming out of turn four. As he came to a complete stop, it was apparent his night was over. This would mark the first DNF for the point’s leader who came into round 13 with a 30 point advantage.

The 10-J of Ben Worth started off slow but once he got rolling it was apparent he was the fastest car on the track. On lap 18, while running fourth, he was able to close in on the battle ahead of him between the 18, Tyler Smith, and 3rd Place in the points Raio Salmon. Capitalizing on their battle he took the runner-up spot by swiftly ripping around both at one time. He then set his sights on the leader of Cody Christensen. While Christensen had built up a substantial margin, the 10-J was obviously reeling him in. As the white flag waved the margin built by the leader had dissipated completely. Ben Worth now had one last chance of claiming victory.  He had one last lap to make the move. Worth rolled all the way up the bumper of Christensen but rolled out of turn four to the checkered just short of completeing the comeback. Christensen would pick up his first victory of the year with Worth earning a runner up, on just the third night in a brand new chassis, and Tyler Smith would round out the podium.

In the Racepunk Restricted class, two drivers full of momentum lead the field to green in search of victory. Bakersfield’s Brandt Twityt and Corcoran’s Katey Syra, lead the way for the 25 lap Restricted main event. Coming into the night, 2018 Tulsa Shootout Champion, Corey Day, of Fresno, held a 35 point margin over Clovis’ Caeden Steele. Discovery Bay’s Dylan Bloomfield, perhaps the hottest driver in the class at the midway point of the season, seems to have lost the luster he gained after amassing numerous wins, and a Speedweek title in the early summer. Lately his luck has made a turn in the complete opposite direction. At the end of lap one, fast time qualifier Dawson Faria, spun around and collected Bloomfield, Brian Gilbert, and Drake Carter. Bloomfield suffered the worst of the damage as his night came to an end from the incident.

With 24 laps remaining, Twitty lead the field to green, with Syra, Day, and Logan Trevino hot on his heels. Another caution would wave on lap four and then the green came out with 21 to go.  Brandt Twitty pulled away for the first six laps of the run. But on lap 11, Corey Day made the move on Katey Syra for 2nd and began to run down the leader.

The two got into lapped traffic with 12 to go and battle intensified. Coming into the closing stages of the race, Day began to search around the track. Coming to the stand for five to go he slid underneath Twitty and immediately marched to significant gap.

With four to go it looked to be in the bag for Day but Logan Trevino and Katey Syra got together and brought out the caution. This would set us up for a 4-lap Shootout for the finish between leaders Day, Twitty, and Steele. Day lead the field to green and once again jumped to the advantage. Coming to the line with two to go he was steadily in command. The 2018 Tulsa Shootout winner cruised to his 3rd King of California victory of the season and 2nd at Keller Auto Raceway. Twitty followed in 2nd and  3nd was taken by Caeden Steele.

Ben Worth lead the field to green In the Joe W. Lewis Snap-On non wing class. Fresh off of a charging runner up finish in the Super 600 class his confidence was riding high as he set the pace on the 30-lap finale. Series point’s leader Tyler Smith came into round 13 with a commanding 117 point lead and a resounding 7 victories in the series and 17 overall. In his quest to capture his 18th victory of the year he would roll off from the 6th position.

Just 10 laps into the 30 lap feature Smith sat on the heels of race leader, Ryan Delsisle, of Fresno. With 12 laps to go the veteran, Smith, took the leader up the race track and cut underneath him like a hot knife through butter. He never looked back. At the half way point Smith had already eclipsed an entire straightaway advantage. On lap 25 another caution would wave for Jimmy Todd who came to a spin all on his own in turn one.

With five to go the stage was set for a final showdown. Tyler Smith would lead the way over Ryan Delisle, Mitchel Moles, Ben Worth, and last races winner, Austin Stone. The green flag came out and Tyler Smith took command for the final time. He clicked off 5 perfect laps en route to his 18th victory of the season. With just three rounds remaining, Smith is poised to wrap up the championship before the final weekend of the season.

The King of California Micro Sprint Series continues, Saturday September 8, at Lemoore Raceway, for round number 14. The final weekend of the 2018 King of California Series is set to wrap up at Dixon Speedway on Friday, October 5 and the Final race of the season is slated for October 6th at Delta Speedway.

Keller Auto Raceway is set to welcome its biggest race of the year next time the lights are turned on. Friday and Saturday, September 21-22, Keller Auto Raceway hosts the 2nd Annual Mark Hagopian Memorial. Highlighted by the $5,000 to win, 50 lap, Super 600 main event, the second running of this grand scale event is slated to host the highest level of competition nationwide.

King of California Micro Sprint Series

Round 13: Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

September 7, 2018, Rd 13 box score: 

Main : JR SPRINT (20 Laps)

1) #2 Austin Wood

2) #51 Dalton Parreira

3) #21 Cash Lovenburg

4) #55 Jett Barnes

5) #01T Ty Lovenburg

Main: SUPER 600 (30 Laps)

1) #14 Cody Christensen

2) #10J Ben Worth

3) #18 TJ Smith

4) #88 Paul Javaux

5) #21 Raio Salmon

6) #4 Garrett Twitty

7) #57 Austin Warmerdam

8) #88X Austin Torgeson

9) #16 Hayden Lusk

10) #749 Chris Martin

11) #22J Keith Day Jr.

12) #88A Joey Ancona

13) #15W Garrett Willams

Main: RESTRICTED 600 (25 Laps)

1) #41 Corey Day

2) #4B Brandt Twitty

3) #121 Caeden Steele

4) #14J Jade Avedisian

5) #15B Bryson Bettencourt

6) #5 Mattix Salmon

7) #73 Katey Syra

8) #87 Ashlyn Rodriguez

9) #34 Devon Courtnier

10) #61 Eli Bookout

11) #12B Dawson Faria

12) #21 Gauge Garcia

13) #2W Hailey Wood

14) #4G Brian Gilbert

15) #24S Izaak Sharp

16) #88 Reilee Phillips

17) #10 Braden Streuter

18) #7T Logan Trevino

19) #02 Ashton Torgerson

20) #14 Drake Carter

21) #33 Dylan Bloomfield

Main: NON WING 600 (30 Laps)

1) #14 TJ Smith

2) #63 Ryan Delisle

3) #01 Mitchel Moles

4) #44W Ben Worth

5) #29 Austin Stone

6) #51 Brody Fuson

7) #44M Carson Myrick

8) #3R Nick Robfogel

9) #04 Cody Gray

10) #3L Jimmy Leal

11) #87 Kelvin Lewis

12) #17D Angelina Dempsey

13) #7M Jeremy Mattos

14) #22Q Steve Durant

15) #57 Jimmy Todd



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