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Sprint Car Insider Exclusive >> Introduction of the All-New TEN-J Chassis

10J Color pop
The very first outing for the TEN-J Chassis at Plaza Park. PC: Cameron Hageman Photography

Sprint Car Insider Exclusive. VISALIA, Calif. (September 10, 2018) —>After fabricating under the banner of the highest respected manufacturers in the industry, Jerrod Huckleberry, brings his winning reputation, and unique vision to the forefront with his own creation in the all new Ten-J Chassis.

Ca speedweek 17 reeves
Plaza Park Speedweek win 2017 with eventual Champion Ryan Reeves. PC: Bryan Lugo Photography

Huckleberry has established a reputation inside of the micro sprint racing industry as a world class fabricator. His talents have earned him the honor of improving some of the highest regarded chassis in the sport. He was instrumental in producing the 2010 Pace Chassis that is till highly regarded. But perhaps most notably, was his most recent endeavor. Huckleberry played a signifcant role in getting the D1 Chassis off the ground. Although his fabricating career has been such a success, much of it still comes as a surprise. Not because he ever questioned his skills, but because of dirt.

Huckleberry grew up around racing but never thought he’d be invovled with oval dirt track racing. “I grew up in the Drag Racing world.” Said Huckleberry. “I could have never seen myself doing this because I hated the dirt, I absolutely hate to get things dirty.”

Yet somewhere along the lines the talent for fabricating, and guidance of other highly regarded individuals, led Huckleberry to the micro sprint racing scene. The legend began when he felt he could make some minor adjustments in the engineering of the premier cars of the time. After putting in countless hours welding together his first project it all came together.  The debut of his first “house car” culminated in a blistering fast lap time at Plaza Park. The first car posted a lap rivaling the Plaza Park track record at the time, instantly turning heads within the industry. His bold challenge of the prevalent chassis company of the time sent shock waves through the community and ushered in an era of transition.

That was the moment Huckleberry knew he was on to something. “At the time everyone complained about every possible issue on the car but the car,” said Huckleberry. “The moment we went out and put down that time is the moment everyone realized there was more to it.”

14 clay cup win eliason
2014 Clay Cup Champions with driver: Cory Eliason

Picking up multiple crown-jewel events from coast to coast, with numerous drivers, Huckleberry’s reputation began to take shape. Today, drivers know that if they strap into a Huckleberry built car they have world class engineering underneath them. “When you run one of Huckleberry’s ‘s cars you know you’re in something capable of winning,” said Shawn Smith, another highly regarded tuner. “It pretty much eliminates any excuse of not winning for an established driver, and can elevate others into that level.”

The all new Ten-J chassis brings Huckleberry’s desire to win and unique vision to fruition. Establishing his own brand allows him to go the extra mile to continue and improve his winning reputation. Better yet, now anyone can purchase, and strap into one of a kind – Huckleberry engineered, 10-J Chassis.

“I just want to build stuff that can win, said Huckleberry. “Better yet, I want to build stuff that anyone can win in.”

10 j bare chassi

Ten-J Chassis – Ordering Available Now

Ten-J Chassis

6678 Ave 304 suite C

Visalia, Ca. 93251

(559) 802-8356



10J lemoore
The all-new TEN-J in action. PC: Cameron Hageman Photography





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