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Mattix Makes Improvements__Salmon Motorsports youngest driver shows promise

41372565_2119399804943905_3983687118860845056_nSprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. FRESNO, Calif. (September 10, 2018) —> Matching the trend of career-best season for the Salmon Motorsports team, the youngest driver, Mattix, fits into that category perfectly.

Highlighted by his career-best 3rd at Delta Speedway back in June Mattix has shown some real speed. Every weekend Mattix is on the track the team notices some type of improvement. Although he hasn’t landed that coveted victory yet, his improvement is vast, and surely nothing to take lightly.

“The kid has definitely come a long way,” Said father, Matt Salmon. “I’m really proud of him, it’s all about seat time and keeping these young kids in the car, the more often they’re in the car, the easier it is for them to keep the ball rolling.”

The team is quick to admit they bust his chops all the time and try to agitate him but it’s because they see the potential. The young driver has displayed some serious speed rivaling that of national caliber drivers he has to race against in the Restricted class. That being said, is the very reason the team holds him to such a high standard; because he has shown he can do it.

“That win will come he just has to stay focused,” said Raio Salmon. “It really is all about keeping these young kids in a car. It’s the only way they gain momentum and desire. You let them sit for a couple weeks without being in the seat and who knows what they want to do next week.”

The entire team agrees that seat time is all that separates Mattix from a win and slightly better consistency. Mattix was on board for the team as they took on the King of California doubleheader weekend which started off Friday night at Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park.

With a huge class on hand, Salmon’s qualifying effort of 18th was less than desirable but he would turn it around in a big way later in the night. He came away with fourth in his heat race and started 12th in the 25-lap main event.

In one of his more impressive runs of the season, Mattix Salmon put on a charge in the main event. He picked off cars left and right and charged his way up to the 6th position. The California Restricted class is no easy class to best. To come through the field to almost get into the top 5 marks a run the team knows they can build on.

Onto night two of the doubleheader weekend at Lemoore Raceway for Round 14 of the KofC series. With 27 cars on hand in the Restricted class meant there would be a B Main. This meant no horsing around, it was time to pony up and get directly into the show.

It was apparent Mattix had some serious speed Saturday night. From the first lap of hot laps, the number 5 was on the board and it stayed there. He followed it up with a 4th quick qualifying effort.

As luck would have it however it wouldn’t benefit him much as he came away with a 6th place run in the heat which landed him in the B.

“Anytime you’re in a B Main there’s pressure,” said Mattix. “I just wanted to not screw up and get to race more.”

That’s just what he did. Driving smart and patient, Salmon drove to a 4th place finish in the semi and would line up 19th in the main. In coordinator with the theme of steady improvement, Salmon managed to move forward through the field. After the checkered flag waved on the 25 lap feature Salmon came home with 12th place.

With speed on a week to week basis and undeniable improvement, the believes it won’t be long before he earns that first victory. According to the Salmon Motorsports team it’s just going to take consistency and putting it all together in the same night.

mattix and matt salmon

Quick Results: MATTIX SALMON – Restricted 600

King of California Round Series Round 13 –  9/7/18

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park 

Qualifying: 18th

Main Event: 6th (started 12th)


Quick Results: 

King of California Series  Round 14 –  9/8/18

Lemoore Raceway

Qualifying: 4th

Heat Race: 6th

B Main: 4th

Main Event: 12th (started 19th)

Be sure to following along with Mattix Salmon and the entire Salmon Motorsports team right here in Sprint Car Insider driver exclusives.

You can catch young Mattix in action next time from the Mark Hagopian Memorial at Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park, September 21-22, 2018.

On the radar:

9/21-9/22 2018 – Mark Hagopian Memorial

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

10/5 King of California – Dixon Speedway

10/6 King of California/ Delta Finale

Season High: 3rd Place, June 16, Delta Speedway


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