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Iceman Looking for 8th win at MHM__Welcome to SCI Caeden Steele

steele plaza rd three win car
Photo By Cameron Hageman Photography

Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. FRESNO, Calif. (September 20, 2018) -> Caeden Steele comes into the weekends Mark Hagopian memorial running for his eighth victory of the 2018 season.

Returning to the sight of his first victory of the year, Keller Auto Raceway at Plaza Park, Caeden Steele arrives at the Mark Hagopian Memorial as one of the favorites to win the Restricted class. Although his work will be cut out for him as he takes on defending champion of the race Corey Day, Lemoore points leader, Guage Garcia, California Speedweek champion Dylan Bloomfield and the rest of the contenders in always stacked Restricted class.

The contention of the Restricted class has been heavy all year long. His results clearly speaking for themselves Steele represents a large amount of that weight. With three wins at Delta this year, matched with three at Lemoore and the lone triumph at Plaza, Steele finds himself in contention for three championships. However, Championships aren’t what is important this weekend.

plaza restricted rd three podium

Steele may have won his first race of the year at Plaza but the vibe hasn’t always been so good to him. While contending for the California Speedweek title Steele took a wild tumble here at Keller that left him on the outside looking in. It wasn’t the first time Steele gave the crowd a scare as he went for a ride earlier in the year at Dixon as well. But that’s why we call him the Iceman. His ability to get back on the horse and not let those crashes affect him shows that he has ice water running through his veins.

He’s going need it this weekend.

The Mark Hagopian Memorial is slated to have an elevated car count and drivers around from all over the region. With so many drivers lacking the same amount of experience as the local ringers, this weekend is going to take an extra level of patience. So many possibilities come to light, the changing weather can affect track condition, the number of cars can play a role, and don’t forget the level of fan interaction taking place this weekend that may lead to more people in the crowd. Add in that the race is being broadcast live on Fast Four Media and we have a recipe for nerves to come into play.

Come Friday night the pressure is on. Once the Green flag drops the talking stops and the cream rises to the tops. There is the single goal on the mind of every driver heading into this weekend and that is to win.

We all know only one can win. Can the Iceman earn his 8th victory of the year?

Doing so may require nerves of Steele.


Catch Caeden Steele in action this next at –

The 2nd Annual Mark Hagopian Memorial

September 21-22, 2018

Keller Auto Raceway at Plaza Park

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Or watch live PPV on

steele driller


Follow Caeden personally at;

Twitter: @CaedenSteele121


Instagram: caedensteele121


Caeden Steele’s 2018 Statistics:

Shows Ran: 43

Wins: 7

Top 5s: 27

Top 10s: 37


Biggest accomplishments:

2016 Tulsa Shootout Jr Sprint champion

2018 3rd place Clay Cup Nationals 600R


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