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Moles Set to Debut in TEN-J at Mark Hagopian Memorial

Moles Wing car
Photo by Cameron Hageman

Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. FRESNO, Calif. (September 20, 2018) ->Mitchel Moles will be behind the wheel of the second TEN-J Chassis ever created this weekend at Keller Auto Raceway for the second annual Mark Hagopian Memorial.

After picking up five victories so far in 2018 one his most memorable came at Plaza. For years Moles has wanted to beat his mentor and friend Tyler Smith straight up with Smith behind him the whole time, a daunting task to say the least, but he pulled it off in early June. It was also a King of California Race and it marked a turning of the corner for Moles as a driver.

moles checkerd

Ever since that day Moles has been a different animal when he straps inside the car. He walks with more confidence, talks with more confidence, and backs it up on the track too. It was as if the light switch went off and someone awoke a sleeping giant. Even after taking nearly four years off to peruse other interests Moles has returned better than ever.

The 2nd Annual MHM marks an anniversary for Moles as well. It was this race one year ago that left him and his family saying, “were coming back to this.” One year ago Mitchel and his family, like so many others, had so much fun at the Mark Hagopian Memorial they collectively said, “we are racing this next year.”

Well, here we are.

One year later and not only is Mitchel racing, but he comes into the weekend as a serious favorite to win both classes aboard his brand new TEN-J for the first time. Although Moles has garnered status as a favorite he’s not adding any additional pressure.

“I’m going into this one as just any other race, said Moles. “That’s how you win these races!”

Not ordinarily know as a wing class driver Moles has broken that mold this year as well. Today he is as highly revered with or without the wing on. With one sweep to his credit so far, it’s far from the realm of possibility he does it again.

moles donuts lemoore win

But perhaps what Moles is best known for is his calm and collected nature inside the car. “Hard enough to do 50 laps in general,” said Moles. “But if you put all the pressure on you’re self of a big race, chances are you’re gonna make mistakes. I’m just trying and get out front and go”

With two classes ahead of him and the possibility of winning more than $8,000 through both Moles is focused and ready to go.  The Mark Hagopian Memorial kicks off tomorrow, look for the 01 to at the front of the pack and In contention to bring home the McGuyver trophy.


Watch Mitchel Moles race next at –

The 2nd Annual Mark Hagopian Memorial

September 21-22, 2018

Keller Auto Raceway at Plaza Park


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2018 Stats: 5 Wins


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