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King of California Finale on Tap for Ancona

Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. DIXON, Ca (October 5, 2018) – Joey Ancona is poised to wrap up his second major title in less than a week if everything goes to plan Friday night at Dixon Speedway.

With two King of California wins and a remarkably consistent overall season Joey Ancona find himself in position to wrap up the title a night early. He currently holds a 48 point advantage over second and that is right on the cusps of locking it up. Ancona accomplished most of his highlights this year at the age of 13 as well.

It’s a bitter sweet weekend for Ancona and fans of his alike as I editorialize this a bit here. It’s been fun watching the young man out of Concord California come so far. From the little guy who could barely see over the dash, but still stuck his nose in anywhere, no matter who was there, to the young man who handles the microphone so eloquently, with humility and class, always kind to any who approach him. That same young man can put his helmet on and flip the switch in an instant and won’t be pushed around or intimidated by anyone.

He’s got so many talents but his character may be the best. Without ever being prompted he knows exactly who helped him get where he is, he never fails to thank even his big sister, who if you have siblings, can admire, cause that could be difficult, but he always does. He may only be 14 years old but if you didn’t open your eyes you would never know that. He acts like a seasoned professional and he drives like Wiley veteran.

If history is any indication of how Joey Ancona will fare in a sprint car his transition won’t take long. After all he may actually be able to see out of the sprint car a bit more than the micro when he first got in. Well, maybe. But kidding aside I’d look for him to start blazing the charts in qualifying sooner than you think and before you know it he’ll be driving the sprint car like he drives today – with aggression, speed, finesse, control, and a healthy dose of sanity.

Joey the rocket Ancona will find success in a sprint car. However that may not be his biggest claim to fame. Don’t get me wrong, he’s going to be a history making winner, possibly even a champion, but no matter how many titles or wins he gets he will always be a better brand ambassador and representative.

That is how good he already is in the aspect of humility. If you ever get the chance to let Joey dawn your entities colors you will be proud.

Good luck rocket! Don’t forget you’ll be able to keep up with Ancona and his transition to the sprint car world right here on sprint Car Insider. We intended to to keep race fans across the globe updated weekly with updates on his career and how to inquire becoming part of his team.

Joey Ancona starts his full time sprint car next Saturday at the 33rd Annual Cotton Classic. Stay tuned as we will have an update Saturday morning.

Joey Ancona would like to cordially thank all of his sponsors for their continued support,  DRYCO Construction, Melrose Powder Coating, Factory Kahne, Steve Hamblin, Swindell Speed Labs, and CS9 Chassis.

Season Stats:

Shows: 30

Wins: 6

2Place: 5

QuickTime: 6 at Lemoore alone

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Catch JoeyAncona in action this next at

King of California Rd. 15

 October 5, 2018

Dixon Speedway

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King of California Rd. 15

 October 5, 2018

Dixon Speedway

King of California Rd, 16

October 6, 2018

 Delta Speedway

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On the Horizon for Joey Ancona

33 Annual Cotton Classic

             October 13, 2018

            Keller Auto Speedway (Kings Speedway)

            Hanford, Ca

35 Annual Tulsa Shootout

           January 1-5, 2019

          Tulsa Expo Center

         Tulsa, Oklahoma

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