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TEN-J takes its show on the road

Sprint Car Insider – Brand Exclusive DIXON, Ca. (October 5, 2018) – The TEN-J Chassis brand is expanding its horizon for the first time this weekend by venturing out to Dixon and Delta Speedway for the first time.

Still in its infancy the TEN-J brand boasts two triumphant wins and multiple quick times already. In fact, the brand is knocking on the door of double digit quick time performances, with atleast one by each driver who had taken the helm. The instant speed of the all new chassis says a lot according to Tristan Guardino, who earned the company its second victory last weekend.

“That car is really really fast,” said Guardino. “They made a car that’s fun to drive. It’s fun cause it’s fast but really it goes wherever you want it to go, and does it smooth.”

From the outside looking in others have taken notice to the early success as well. Inquires of climbing aboard the house Car have nearly shut the phone lines down. The Central Valley already boasts the best and highest performing cars according to Jerrod Huckleberry, he just wanted to add another and possibly take it to another level.

The goal from the beginning was to create something that anyone could win in. So far two wins with two completely different drivers speaks to the versatility. The world will see how the new rides fare on the northern side of the California woods.

Ben Worth and Mitchel Moles are in action for the co this weekend. Both have wins at Delta to their credit this year alongside strong Dixon performances in recent runs. Having the all-new TEN-J firmly underneath them has them each soaring with confidence. Each one has their eyes on adding more W’s to the win column before the shootout.

TEN-J will be present and in full force at the Tulsa Shootout this year. With the whole crew on hand and numerous cars both on the track and up for sale the TEN-J brand has some big announcements in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates and information about the conclusion of 2018 and the TEN-J takeover of Tulsa coming soon.


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