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The Sheriff Seeks King of Cal

parreira win mhm.jpgSprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. HANFORD, Ca (October 5, 2018) – Dalton Parreira began 2018 with no intention of running for the King of California crown, but early season dominance swayed his team’s decision to go all-in.

It was the first race of the season that Parreira missed. He then showed up the next night and didn’t get to victory but showed his prowess to the field. Parreira would wind up in victory lane in his own neck of the woods the very next time KofC action took place. That win sparked a run of 7 wins in the series, a win on each of the 4 tracks, a clay cup championship, two titles, and 23 over triumphs.

To say that it’s been a successful season would be an understatement but it isn’t over. Parriera maintains a 22 point margin over second and that represents the closest title fight against the Sheriff all season. However, Parreira holds a significantly higher win total which adds breathing room to his slim margin.

King of California would mark series title number three of 2018 but there is one more at stake this weekend – the Delta Speedway track Championship. The Delta Speedway final points race and King of California finale run simultaneously. The margin for Parreira in the Delta Championship hunt stands at 47.

Should the Sheriff maintain the level of performance he has become accustomed to over the season he has the chance to walk out of Delta Speedway with four major titles, 25 wins, and the first Jr Sprint driver in history to win a title that ran on all four tracks.

This feat in addition to his Clay Cup title is rivaled by that of only fellow California Micro Sprint, and former Sprint Car superstar Tj Smith. Having a record resemble the season of Smith is a remarkable achievement. On the national radar in 2018 no one else is close to having as many titles or race wins in a single season.

The future looks bright for the Sheriff as he makes his Restricted debut in 2019


Catch Dalton the sheriff Parreira in action next this weekend at –

parriera lemoore on track
PC: Bryan Lugo

King of California Rd. 15

 October 5, 2018

Dixon Speedway

 King of California Rd, 16

October 6, 2018

 Delta Speedway


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2018 Season Stats:

Shows: 40+

Wins: 23



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