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TEN-J Takes Wing Win at Dixon

ten j worth non wing pitched 10 6.jpg
PC: Chris Cleveland

Sprint Car Insider – Brand Exclusive. VISALIA Ca. (October 1, 2018) TEN-J Chassis made it to victory lane for the third week in a row. This time it was Ben Worth piloting the Super 600 to the round 15 King of California victory at Dixon Speedway.

Friday’s win at Dixon Speedway marked the first for the company with a wing on top. After just 9 events the company has had three different drivers start 15 total main events with three wins, nine top 5’s and 12 top 10’s. Additionally, all three drivers have earned quick time honors earning at least one in the wing and non-wing divisions.

Over the past three weeks, the manufacturer has brought home a W on at least one occasion across three different tracks. Up first the brand newest non-wing car earned the companies Inaugural victory at Plaza Park with Ben Worth behind the wheel. Up next, driver Tristan Guardino, took the non-wing car went back to victory at Lemoore Raceway the very next weekend. Then on Friday night Ben Worth climbed through the field in convincing fashion as he drove the 10J Super 600 to its first victory and first victory in the Northern region.

Every week the new brand continues to open up eyes as Ben Worth, Mitchel Moles and Tristan Guardino continue to find success on all of the different elements they encounter. However last weekends performance at Delta Speedway in the non-wing class may have opened the most eyes yet. While it may not have been a win, Ben Worth’s runner-up finish locked down the indication that the brand is here to stay by the way he got it done.

Moles ten j daytime delta.jpg

Saturday nights Non-Wing feature may have been the brands most stand out performance to date. Ben Worth’s drive to catch California Non-Wing stand-out Tyler Smith left the nay Sayers possibly reconsidering their opinions. Worth was able to catch the driver who has amassed 5 major titles this year with conviction the way no other driver has been able to do all season. Not only did he catch him but also made the pass for a brief time and became the focal of the entire race for everyone to watch as he displayed the cars impeccable maneuverability.

ben worth 10 j non wing

The standout drivability on display Saturday night represents a turning of the corner when it comes to being recognized by other top brands. Worth turned in the fastest lap of 11.007 in the non-wing main was over 7/10th of a second faster than anyone on the track.

In only over a month of on-track action totaling 9 shows to base performance standards off of, the brand already has three wins under their belt with two different drivers at the controls. The versatility of the manufacturing also speaks volumes under the result of multiple quick time efforts across several styles of tracks and track conditions along with at least one podium finish at every race it’s entered.

The TEN-J brand is rapidly expanding while opening the eyes of the manufacturer and driver competition. The all-new creation is now available for purchase and the company is accepting orders. Order your custom TEN-J Chassis today and become part of the takeover.

The questions have been answered. TEN-J is here to stay.


moles best ever promo shot delta.jpg


TEN-J is now in full production and available for purchase. For inquiries please feel free to contact Jerrod Huckleberry.

TEN-J Chassis 

Ordering Available Now

TEN-J Chassis

6678 Ave 304 suite C

Visalia, Ca. 93251

(559) 802-8356


Season Stats:

Shows: 9

Total Features Started: 16

Wins: 3

Quick times: 3

Top 5: 9

Top 10: 11

# of drivers to win: II



Quick Results:

Friday, October 5, 2018

King of California Rd. 15

Dixon Speedway

Ben Worth 10J (Non-Wing)

  • Qualifying: 5th
  • Heat: 9th
  • Main: X

Ben Worth 10J (Super 600)

  • Qualifying: No results at DIXON
  • Heat: 2nd
  • Main: 1st

Mitchel Moles 01 (Super 600)

  • Qualifying: X
  • Heat: 3rd
  • Main: 3rd

Saturday, October 6, 2018

King of California Round 16

Delta Speedway

Ben Worth 10J (Non-Wing)

  • Qualifying: 2nd
  • Heat: 1st
  • Main: 2nd

Ben Worth 10J (Super 600)

  • Qualifying: 3rd
  • Heat: 5th
  • Main: 11th

Mitchel Moles 01 (Super 600)

  • Qualifying: 9th
  • Heat: 2nd
  • Main: 3rd

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