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The Sheriff puts them all away

parriera lemoore on track

Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. HANFORD, Ca. (October 10, 2018) – Following the conclusion of the 2017 season, it was apparent that Dalton Parreira would be a top contender in 2018 but no one could have envisioned the extent he would take his dominance to.

Dalton Parreira elevated his game to a whole new level this year. If any words could describe the level he is performing at right now it would be to say he is currently going tick for tack with none other than Tyler Tj Smith in race wins, championships, and overall average.

Parriera has already amassed 23 wins this season during his final Jr Sprint bout. Among his 23 victories includes the Clay Cup National Championship, Lemoore Raceway track Championship, Plaza Park track Championship, Delta Speedway track Championship and the King of California crown. Combing his win total with his 2017 numbers Parreira has moved into the upper echelon on drivers to ever compete in the class with over 30 victories. Only a few other drivers such as Gio Scelzi have crossed that mark and obtained legendary status.

Dalton Parreira is certainly one of the most dominant Jr. Sprint racers to climb behind the wheel in recent history. His 2018 campaign is far beyond explanation. In fact, the Parreira family didn’t even intend on contesting for the King of California crown but his early season performances left them with no choice. He was in contention after joining the battle after just a couple of races. The decision ended up being a good one but it didn’t come without a couple of heart-stopping occurrences.

After having nearly a flawless campaign Parreira came into the final King of California weekend close to clinching but still with the runner-up driver knocking on his door. He would have to finish decently in one out of the two remaining races to capture the crown without question.

It was a good thing he earned a solid second at the penultimate round.

Parreira almost lost title delta 10 6 kofc
PC Chris Cleveland

At the worst possible time of the season, disaster struck the sheriff. With the highest Car count all year and two titles on the line, the 51 suffered his first mechanical DNF of the season. After all, he had accomplished and the dominance he displayed over the year the outcome of the championship was no longer in his own hands. With this misfortune, he no longer controlled his own destiny but his early dominance would bode well for him in the end.

The runner-up contender ended up winning the race and Parreira was scored 12th. The moment was tense, and the atmosphere was frantic, how could this be, The whole team wondered…

However, after the count, the skies of heaven opened up and relief dawned the eyes of young Parreira as it was revealed that he still earned the Delta title. But King of California was much closer. The points were tallied and news broke, it was close, single-digit close, to whom the advantage?

By the narrowest of margins with dropped scored included Dalton the sheriff Parreira hung on to the King of California crown. Six points were the difference in the end.

parreir kofc win

With 7 KofC victories, 23 overall, 3 track titles and 2 major championships Dalton Parreira cemented his legacy as one of the most success Jr Sprint drivers in history. The 2019 season marks the rookie bout within the 600 ranks how will the Sherriff fare?


Stay tuned here on Sprint Car Insider by Prodigy Race Promotions to find out as Parreira progresses through his career.


Quick Results:

dixon jr podium 10 5

Friday, October 5, 2018

King of California Rd 15

Dixon Speedway

  • Main Event: 2nd


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Parreira almost lost title delta 10 6 kofc

King of California Rd 16

Delta Speedway

  • Heat Race 1a: 2nd
  • Heat Race 2a: 1st
  • Main Event: 12th

Season Stats:


  • Wins: 23
  • Championships: 5 (Delta Speedway, Lemoore Raceway, Plaza Park Raceway, King of California Micro Sprint Series, Clay Cup Nationals)

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Catch Dalton Parreira in action this next at

2018 California Cup (Cal Cup)

October 12-13, 2018

Lemoore Raceway

Lemoore, California

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  • On the Horizon for Dalton Parreira:

Turkey Bowl  XVIII

October 26-27, 2018

Delta Speedway

Stockton, CA


34th Annual Tulsa Shootout

January 1-5, 2019

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma


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