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Tommie Piantanida’s 4-Wheel Right of Passage

Sprint Car Insider- Driver Exclusive. DISCOVERY BAY, Ca. (October 11, 2018) Tommie Piantanida got her race car drivers right of passage of the way Saturday night and now she’s ready to climb back behind the wheel.

As an open wheel driver on dirt The question isn’t if you’re going to flip car; it’s when… Tommie Piantanida got the answer to that question Saturday night at Delta Speedway in her heat race.

While battling hard for position trying to earn a way directly into the nights main Event she came out of turn four and found herself flipping end over end on the front straightaway. From the outside looking in it looked scary. As the EMT and safety crew of Delta Speedway rushed to her aid in came this red headed man you would have thought was an Olympic track star.

Tommie’s dad Pete arrived on the scene quickly to find out his daughter was okay.

“I looked in her eyes and was relieved to not see a blank stare,” said Pete Piantanida. “Then when she asked me how the car was and showed more anger about possibly not being able to race next week, I knew she was really all good,” Pete said with a laugh.

According to Pete that was her biggest concern, at first. The car was mangled and left a yard sale on the front strait away but the driver was okay and that’s all that really mattered. Once the status of the driver became more clear, inventory of the car began. That’s when both Tom and Pete realized it was going to be a ton of work and some wholesale changes were in order. However both agreed that the California Cup at Lemoore Raceway was priority number one as far as the race team was concerned.

Then the effects of the crash set in. Like any athlete there is someone above looking out for you as you may not always have your own best interest in mind. With a blow to the head, the unavoidable nauseousness is usually the tale tale Sign even for an athlete trying to hide it. With his experience dealing with injuries Pete took no chances and had Tommie evaluated by the track EMT and eventually to the hospital.

At the hospital priority number one evolved into wondering if anyone had video of her latest ride in a 600cc roller coaster. She asked, and she asked, and she asked some more, “does anyone have any video? I want to see it!” Pete even asked the community as a whole on Facebook but no one captured it live.

The doctors cleared Tommie for return to action. They ruled that Tom was bruised and a little shook up but there was no significant damage.

Unfortunately, However, the same could not be said about the car. The Piantanida’s will unfortunately not be making the trip down to Lemoore to give the California Cup a try due to the damage sustained.

Pete is well in the works of getting parts sent off and the necessary repairs made and Tommie is slated to make her triumphant return at the very same track that just got the best of her. On deck for Tommie Piantanida will be Turkey Bowl XVIII at Delta Speedway October 26 and 27.

In any case the question is out of her mind. She knew it would happen and now it has. The question that remains is – now that she knows that’s all that happens how much does she scare her trackstar father in the future?

We will see next time Tommie P takes to the track! Be there at Delta for Turkey Bowl XVIII Friday and Saturday October 26&27

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