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Mitchel Moles takes Cal Cup Crown

Moles cal cup
Picture Credit: Cameron Hageman Photography

Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. FRESNO Ca. (October 12, 2018) – Mitchel Moles drove his way to a Super 600 California Cup victory at Lemoore Raceway Saturday night.

The 2018 edition of the California Cup raced under a brand new format and elevated purse of $2000 for the Super 600 class. The format seemed to fare well for Moles as he was able to improve the performance of his TEN-J chassis all the way to the Saturday main event.

Night number one of Cal Cup this year would feature qualifying, two heat races, and a qualifier.

Moles started off his night with 8th quick in qualifying running a 10.854 lap time still just two tenths off quick time. The opening night track was hooked up and heavy which made it difficult to make moves on but all would face the same conditions.

Heat Race number one saw a drastic improvement out of the Southern Pacific Farms TEN-J number 01. Moles took home the opening heat race victory. The second go around if heat races would feature an inverted line up based on first heats finishing position. Moles made some quick moves ending up with 3rd and enough points to advance into the opening night qualifier that featured only the top 10 point earners. The opening night qualifiers implications were that the top 4 would advance directly to Saturday nights Cal Cup crowning main event.

As the field went green trouble would strike early in the first set of corners. The field got bunched up in front of Moles causing him to just on the brakes hard. Another driver had nowhere to go and ended up getting collected in a tangle and ending the night of fellow Sprint Car Insider driver Raio Salmon as well.

Mitchel Moles avoided trouble in the get-together and marched forward as racing resumed. When the field went back to green it was all daylight for Mitchel Moles as he got up into third, a direct advance position, where he would eventually finish.

The checkered flag waved for TEN-J teammate Ben Worth as Mitchel Moles crossed the line third and realized he had locked himself directly into Saturday Nights, $2,000 to win, Cal Cup Main Event.

Saturday night was relaxing for Moles as he didn’t even have to put his suit on till nearly halfway through the show. Confidence was radiating off the driver after hot laps because he knew he could get the job done.

“The car was just perfect tonight,” said Moles after hot laps. “It’s just up to me to go and get the job done for all these guys who work so hard during the week. It’s all about taking TEN-J to victory.”

It was apparent Moles was sick of the third place finishes he had received the last two races in a row. He also said he wanted to put his name on the TEN-J winner’s list as his two teammates already had.

moles cal cup winner

Saturday Night’s main accomplished both goals.

As the green flag waved Moles drove off from the third position. He made quick work of second and began to chase down the leader. It did not take him long to catch teammate Ben Worth who ran out front. Within just a couple laps Moles was able to make the move and click off laps.

At the end of 40 laps, Mitchel Moles crossed the stripe first earning his sixth victory of 2018, his second super 600 victory, and first aboard the TEN-J Chassis.

“I am so happy right now I can’t even explain it,” said Moles in victory lane. “If there are people out there still doubting these cars I don’t think we need to say anything, the results speak for themselves.”

With his win, Mitchel Moles completed the TEN-J brands first ever night sweep and added his name to the list of Winners aboard a TEN-J Chassis. Moles will forego the Turkey Bowl at Delta Speedway with prior commitments but intended to climb back in the seat for the Lonnie Kaiser Memorial at Dixon as well as Turkey Night at Plaza Park in November.

moles color pop cal cup.jpg

All efforts from here on out are in preparation for capturing a Golden Driller at the Tulsa Shootout this January.


Quick Results: Mitchel Moles – Super 600 2018 California Cup Champion

2018 California Cup

Lemoore Raceway

Lemoore, California

moles best ever promo shot delta

 Qual: 8th (10.854)

Heat A: 1st

Heat B: 3rd

Fri. Qualifier: 3rd

Main Event: 1st

Season Stats:

  • Wins: 6
  • Shows: 47


On deck: Catch Mitchel Moles in action next at:

2018 Turkey Night at Plaza Park – Visalia

2018 Micro Sprint race at Turkey Night Grand Prix – Ventura


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On the Horizon (Distant Plans)

34th Annual Tulsa Shootout

January 1-5, 2019

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma


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