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Can’t Pass? Hold my Pepsi! Watch This! __ Day Closes Restricted Career at Cal Cup

Corey Day Closes Book on Restricted with Impressive Charge at Cal Cup

Day cal cup
PC: Cameron Hageman Photography

Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. CLOVIS, Ca. (October 16, 2018) – Corey Day drove to one of the most impressive runs of the weekend Saturday night at the California Cup at Lemoore Raceway to close out his Restricted career.

Last weekend’s Cal Cup was the final race in the Restricted class for Corey Day according to himself. Day once again put on a show for the crowd as he charged his way through the field. His 11th to 3rd run was a display of relentless refusal to be mediocre.

After a dismal first night and a half at Cal Cup, Corey Day held it together and put together a weekend salvaging the main event Saturday night. After qualifying 11th on Friday night and then taking 4th and 3rd in his heat races the defending Cal Cup Champion did not even earn a spot in the Friday night qualifier that locked the top four into the main. Day would have to wait until Saturday evening to even get back on the track.

Saturday came around he finished third in his qualifier, putting him in the main. However, to that point, it was a lackluster weekend but Day would not relent. The 2018 Cal Cup could have been a weekend to forget but Corey Day would not allow himself to come out of the Restricted class in that kind of fashion.

On a track many drivers said was impossible to pass on Corey Day said, “Hold my Pepsi! Watch this.”

He started from 11th in main and starting moving forward from the get-go. He meticulously and methodically moved through each driver, one by one. He used moves that you only see executed correctly by the best in business. Corey Day was moving. The young man was bound and determined to make his Restricted curtain closer a memorable affair.

With laps winding down Corey found his way into the top 5. Then he passed for fourth into daylight where he would have to run down the third-place driver. He caught him in what seemed like a blink of an eye and got around him coming out of turn four with superb style and grace. Day made it look easy.

However third would be where his charge would end as the two leaders were gone. Yet, had the race been 40 laps the outcome may have been different.

“This was my last Restricted race and I really wanted to go out with a good showing,” said Day in victory lane. “When we race at Delta for Turkey Bowl I’m going to run the Super from there on out.”

The Restricted career of Corey Day has been nothing short of phenomenal and he looks to bring that success with him to the Super 600 ranks.

Catch the reigning Restricted Tulsa Shootout Champion and current Restricted King of California make his much anticipated Super 600 debut in two weeks from Delta Speedway’s Turkey Bowl XVIII.

The prodigy is set to make the leap. You don’t want to miss it. Stay here on Sprint Car Insider for all the latest updates and breaking information on Corey Day and his first Super 600 bout.

corey day winners shot
Just one of the moments we at SCI just can’t get enough of from Day’s 2018 season. PC: Cameron Hageman

Quick Results: Corey Day #41 Restricted 600

Friday, October 12, 2018

California Cup night 1

Lemoore Raceway

  • Qualifying: 11th
  • Heat A: 4th
  • Heat B: 3rd

Saturday, October 13, 2018

California Cup night 2

Lemoore Raceway

  • Qualifier: 3rd
  • Main Event: 3rd (Started 11th)

2018 Season Stats:

Wins: 7


  • 2018 King of California Restricted Champion
  • Mark Hagopian Memorial Restricted Champion
  • Reigning Restricted Class Tulsa Shootout Champion


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On the Horizon for Corey Day

Turkey Bowl  XVIII

October 26-27, 2018

Delta Speedway

Stockton, CA

*34th Annual Tulsa Shootout* – Maybe

January 1-5, 2019

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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