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Debem Claims Cal Cup

debem wins kofc.jpg
Caleb Debem takes the checkered flag first. Picture by Cameron Hageman

Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. PRUNEDALE, Ca. (October 16, 2018) – Prundale, California’s “thumper” Caleb Debem earned himself a California Cup Championship this weekend in dominant fashion at Lemoore Raceway.

Debem has been one of the most competitive Jr Sprint drivers all season. With three wins at Lemoore Raceway and two at Delta Speedway, Debem has claimed his stake as one of the front-running contenders each time he hits the track.

However lately Caleb Debem has stepped his game up to a new level. Ever since acquiring the assurance of legendary crew chief Doug Silva, the Debem operation has taken command of a new found level of confidence. Starting in just his first race with the team Debem found victory lane in a King of California main event at Lemoore Raceway. As the plan is to move into the Restricted Class in 2019 Caleb Debem is going out on top.

Friday night marked another return to the site of their latest triumph and from the moment they went on track it was apparent they were ready to win again. With a new format in place, this year California Cup would feature just qualifying, two heat races and qualifiers on night one. Even the Jr Sprint class would take to the track for qualifying times.

Debem came away with third quick in qualifying before earning third in his first heat and following those performances up by running the table.

Caleb Debem would not be defeated in any Jr Sprint race the rest of the weekend.

Beginning with the second go-around of heat races Caleb Debem took charge with his first win of the weekend. He also went on to win the opening night qualifier which earned him the pole for Saturday nights championship crowning, 30-lap, feature.

A new challenge presented itself with the Jr Sprint class going an extra ten laps. But Debem would not be fazed. From the drop of the green flag to the waiving of the checkered Caleb Debem dominated the feature. He withstood every restart, navigated lapped traffic with precision, and pulled away from the field en route to his Cal Cup Championship.

Not many more drivers offer the level of entertainment on the microphone as Caleb Debem either. He’s always the first to thank the fans, his competitors, and even the person interviewing him. He’s quickly become recognized as the kid who’s out there, “Buring rubber, wasting gas, and spinning laps.”

Caleb Debem is on his way to finishing out his Jr Sprint career on top. With multiple wins, this season and momentum building with every race Debem hopes to make it to the Tulsa Expo Center in January to contest for a Golden Driller at the Tulsa Shootout.


caleb debem winner lemoore
One of Caleb Debem’s wins at Lemoore Raceway this year. PC: Cameron Hageman Photography

If you’re interested in becoming part of Caleb Debem’s winning Operation and going after Shootout glory feel free to email us right here on Sprint Car Insider or find us on Facebook. Options are available for every level of support. The Debem team is dedicated to exposing and representing your entity with class, integrity and success while providing you a noticeable return on investment.



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