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TEN-J Sweeps Cal Cup

ten j sweep cal cupSprint Car Insider – Brand Exclusive. VISALIA, Ca. (October 16, 2018) – TEN-J Chassis earned the brands first-weekend sweep in just its tenth race of existence at Lemoore Raceway’s California Cup.

Guardino ten j win lemoore

Not only did TEN-J sweep the Super 600 and Non-Wing divisions at the Cal Cup last weekend, but they also sent their third different driver to victory lane. Mitchel Moles took his first victory in a TEN-J as well as Tristan Guardino who came back to Lemoore Raceway to earn his second victory aboard the car in as many tries. moles cal cup winner

With this weekends results, every driver to have run a car now has a win to their credit. In addition, headlining pilot Ben Worth actually claimed a checkered flag over the weekend as well before eventually winding up second in Saturday’s crowing main. All three cars on the track at California Cup showcased a display of dominance.

“It Felt great with all the hard work everyone puts in,” said lead fabricator Jerrod Huckleberry. “Winning Cal Cup last weekend leaves me thirsty for more wins, we are working harder than ever.”

The TEN-J team is on a mission to show the industry they are here to stay. According to the team, it’s about advancing production to new levels, and showcasing forward thinking.

With three different drivers, who have drastically different driving styles pick up wins speaks to the versatility of the car. When TEN-J set out to build cars that was the first goal in mind: to produce something anyone can win in. Last weekends Cal Cup is the latest example of the brand checking boxes and accomplishing goals.

“Now there’s yet another option, and I think that says a lot about where we’re trying to take the sport, said Huckleberry. “I just want to create something known to breed success for any driver.”

It all began Friday night when Tristan Guardino dropped a blistering fast 11.657 lap time to earn quick time. Guardino followed that up with a second in the heat race. That second place finish would come to represent Guardino’s only finish on the weekend off the top spot. He went on to win his second heat and Friday Night Qualifier. His qualifier win set him up to start Saturday nights, 40-lap, championship crowning Main event from the pole.

guardino cal cup.jpg

In the Super 600 class, Ben Worth and Mitchel Moles were behind the wheel. Worth ran second in qualifying and his first heat before winning the rest of his races on the night. Mitchel Moles made his mark in the heat races. With an opening heat win and 3rd in the second heat Moles earned a position in the Friday night qualifier where the top four finishers would advance directly into Saturday’s main.

Ben Worth dominated the Friday night qualifier earning the pole position for Saturday’s 40-lap main event. Moles had a little tougher road to hoe but he was able to get up to the third position and also advance directly to Saturday’s main.

Ben Cal Cup.jpg

TEN-J locked all three cars into Saturday’s main events based on opening night performance.

Onto Saturday night where it was more of the same from Tristan Guardino. He jumped out to the early lead in the Non-Wing main event where we went wire to wire en route to his second victory in two weeks aboard a TEN-J chassis.

“These cars are so fun to drive,” said Guardino in victory lane.

Later in the night, the Super 600 class took to the track for their main event where TEN-J driver Ben Worth started on the pole and Mitchel Moles started third. Worth took the early lead as Moles made quick work of second.

Saturday nights Super 600 main Event was a TEN-J Shootout early in the going.

Eventually, Mitchel Moles was able to get by his stablemate and pull away. At the end of 40 laps, Mitchel Moles crossed the stripe first earning his first victory aboard a TEN-J Chassis and completing the brands first-weekend sweep.

“I am so happy right now I can’t even explain it,” said Moles in victory lane. “If there are people out there still doubting these cars I don’t think we need to say anything, the results speak for themselves.”

Moles cal cup

TEN-J Chassis are in full production and available for order. Jerrod Huckleberry, Shawn Smith, and the entire TEN-J crew are hard at work handcrafting each and every order that comes in. After the success, the company has already sustained orders are coming in daily and the crew is busy.

Huckleberry remains dedicated to producing one of a kind, handcrafted, state of the art products to each and every one of his costumers.

“TEN-J is completely committed to quality,” said Huckleberry. “That’s a promise direct from me, and there’s much more to come that you won’t want to miss.”

As the off-season goes into full swing the brand has some big announcements set to come out regarding driver lineups and new products set to head into production. Stay right here on Sprint Car Insider or their Facebook page for all the latest updates and up to the minute information.

ten j sweep cal cup


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Season Stats:

Shows: 10

Total Features Started: 19

Wins: 5

Quick times: 6

Top5: 12

Top 10: 14

# of drivers to win: ALL 3

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