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Shaffer Set for Trophy Cup

Sprint Car Insider- Driver Exclusive. FRESNO, Ca. (October 17, 2018) – The 2010 Knoxville Nationals Champion, Tim Shaffer, has his eyes set on adding a Trophy Cup to his collection of marquee Sprint Car titles this weekend at Thunderbowl Raceway for the 25th Annual Trophy Cup.

The steel city Outlaw will be aboard Larry Moles Southern Pacific Farms number 01 at this weekends 25th Annual Trophy Cup at Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, California. The opportunity came about earlier in the year when he came out on the World of Outlaws west coast swing. Rain forced traveling teams to find other avenues of entertainment while races were repeatedly cancelled. While staying at the Southern Pacific Farms compound the idea came about of possibly running Larry’s second entry here in October.

Seven months later the plane landed in Fresno with an Outlaw on board, – the Steel City Outlaw.

“This is a big race too, it’s definitely one I want to add my name to,” said Shaffer. “The local guys out here are going to be fast, they’re going to aggressive, and it’s a different kind of format, you’re going to have to do some smart driving to get it done.”

Recent history says that Shaffer will be one to watch this weekend as he has made a game out of hunting the top dollar shows in 2018. Shaffer has amassed nine victories this year including three in Tony Stewart’s All Star Circuit of Champions. He also took the crown of the Inaugural Sprint Car World Championships in Mansfield, Ohio for $100,000 in April. Shaffer’s most recent victory was in his home state of Pennsylvania, at Lincoln Speedway, and it was worth $20k.

According to Shaffer his success this season is in large part due to the cohesive nature he and his crew chief have taken to each other over the year. What tips the favor even higher for Shaffer this weekend is the fact that he brought him along for the trip.

Two other drivers out of the Midwest account for three Trophy Cup titles, including one who will be in action this weekend as well. Mark Kinser, and Jac Haudenshield account for the two non-Californians to have earned the coveted Trophy Cup Championship. Haudenshield, who will be in action this weekend, has won the crown twice, and Kinser once.

For the 25th Annual Trophy Cup, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania’s Tim Shaffer, will be in action in an attempt to put the Trophy Cup championship on the same mantle as his Knoxville Nationals crown.

As he comes in to the central San Jauquin valley again for another $25,000 opportunity he knows his work is cut out for him.

“It’s going to be tough to win,” said Shaffer. “The drivers out here stack up as well as any in the country.”

Shaffer has also had success at the Thunderbowl Speedway in the past as well. He’s captured the glory on the famed 1/3 mile numerous times dating back to the early 2000’s aboard Dennis Roth’s Beef Packers number 83 and once in the Caseys General Store number 6.

“This one is going to be all about points,” said Shaffer. “The way this race is set up you have to find the fine line between aggression and patience because you have to make passes but it’s just as much, or more important, to roll the car back into the trailer each night.”

Shaffer also boasts a significant amount of History driving Sprint Cars based out of the central San Jauquin valley. He took over driving Helm’s famous, Selma Shell number 11H, in July of 1998, and also as aforementioned driving Dennis Roth’s Beef packers number 83.

As a matter of fact those rides are the foundation to his relationship with the Moles family. Their long standing history rekindled earlier this year lead to the opportunity for Shaffer to come and contest for the 25th Annual Trophy Cup this weekend at Thunderbowl Raceway.

The Steel City Outlaw Tim Shaffer comes to Thunderbowl Raceway to contest for his first ever Trophy Cup title. Three nights of racing presents the opportunity to pad his win total and earn another high dollar payout and illustrious Marquee crown. As a former Knoxville Nationals Champion Shaffer undoubtedly presents himself as a contender to win. Should he do so he will become the third non-Californian to earn the honors.

Stay tuned to Sprint Car Insider over the weekend as we keep you up to date on Tim Shaffer and all the action from the 25th Annual Trophy Cup at Thunderbowl Raceway.

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