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Ancona Makes Main in First SCCT Start at Hanford

Sprint Car Insider- Driver Exclusive. CONCORD, Ca. (October 17, 2018) – “Work until your idols become your rivals.”

Concord California’s 14-year-old Joey Ancona is the latest California Prodigy to make that sentiment a reality.

Joey Ancona made the main in his first ever Sprint Car Challenge Tour start at the 3/8th mile oval of Keller Auto Speedway for the 33rd Annual Cotton Classic Saturday night in Hanford and he displayed vast improvement with every attempt at the track.

After only racing his 360 sprint car a single time prior to making his Sprint Car Challenge Tour debut, Joey Ancona drove his way into the main event of California’s premier 360 traveling series. Not only was this his first time at a track bigger than Antioch Speedway, first SCCT start, and first time racing against drivers he grew up idolizing, it was his first time ever on the other side of the fence at Keller Auto Raceway.

Although the young driver was just 13 years old a month ago he continues to show wisdom beyond his years. He’s a quiet young man but according to some of the highest touted names in the game, he just gets it.

Ancona was admittedly nervous going out onto the track for hot laps but it parallels in comparison to how nervous his parents were watching their young man drive on the big track. But Joey’s a driver, and driving is what he does. Once he got out on the track instinct took over and the rest is history.

He started off qualifying 5th in his group. He then went out for his heat race and drove his Dryco Construction, Melrose Powdercoating CS9 to a 5th place finish and direct ticket to the main event.

At just 14 years old Joey Ancona qualified for his first Sprint Car Challenge Tour A-Main in his first try.

The idea of even giving the Cotton Classic a go was in large part thanks to California legend Peter Murphy who found the family at The Mark Hagopian Memorial in September and convinced them Joey was ready to atleast make laps.

“He just gets it,” said Joe Ancona. “He just gets it, he kept the goal in mind of why we were even here, and he just went out and got seat time with no concern of impressing anybody or being a hero, he just made his laps.”

Joey went out for his main event and became familiar with his car. With every caution he moved himself back in order to learn from drivers in front of him. Low and behold Ancona even got faster after the leaders put him a lap down and he latched onto the back of them. At the end of 30 laps Ancona brought his car back with 16th in his first SCCT start, and rolled it into the trailer the same way it showed up.

Ancona may not have been there to impress anyone but in true fashion of his, he did anyway. Not only did he have drivers like Peter Murphy drawing lines in the dirt and sharing knowledge with him he became the reality of his peers wildest dreams.

Micro Sprint drivers raced just down the road Saturday and when they finished early all of them flocked to the Ancona pit when they arrived to see their friend make the jump they all wish to one day.

Joey Ancona represents the dream becoming a reality and he’s only just begun. Much more lies ahead for the young man as he embarks on his Sprint Car career. Make sure to stay here on Sprint Car Insider for all the latest news and information. Ancona will be back in action in November for two nights of racing at the Stockton Dirt track.

Joey Ancona would like to cordially thank all of his sponsors – DRYCO, Melrose Powder Coating, Hamblin Motorsports, Swindell Speed Labs, Factory Kahne Shocks, and CS9 Chassis.

Quick Results:

33 Annual Cotton Classic

            October 13, 2018

            Keller Auto Speedway (Kings Speedway)

            Hanford, Ca

Sprint Car Challenge Tour 360

Qualifying: 5th (Group B)

Heat Race: 5th

Main Event: 16th

*First SCCT start*

Season Stats: (MICRO SPRINT)

Shows: 31

Wins: 6

2Place: 5

QuickTime: 6 at Lemoore alone

Championships: 2 (King of California, Lemoore Raceway) Super 600 (outlaw) Class

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On the Horizon for Joey Ancona:

34 Annual Tulsa Shootout

January 1-5, 2019

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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