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Tyler’s Turnaround – How did Tyler Smith win his first Turkey Bowl?

Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. STOCKTON, Ca. (October 27, 2018) It’s not how much you win, it’s about how you win.

In Tyler Smith’s case it’s both.

After flipping down the back stretch on Friday night, and crashing in his qualifier, things looked bleak heading into the Turkey Bowl XVIII finale. Smith entered the finale sitting in a staggering 34th in points.

Yes, you read that right, 34th in points.

Tyler Smith would start the B-Main from the 9th position and only the top 3 advanced to the main. To add insult to Injury Tyler spent the better part of his afternoon at the doctor getting stitches. A generator accident earlier in the day gashed his finger and he would have to get six stitches.

But in the fashion of a true racecar driver he told the doctor he was racing no matter what, come hell, or high water. So the doctor gave him four stitches and sent him on his way; on his way back to Delta Speedway.

“Oh it has not been a good weekend,” said Smith, before the evenings events. “You never know how much you need your finger until you can’t use it.”

That would not deter the 2018 Delta Speedway track Champion in the least.

As the B Main lined up Smith had the laser focused look of determination in his eyes. He was not going to be denied. He methodically diced through the field with precision, even overcoming a tap to his back end that bent the bumper almost into the tank and knocked him back two positions. When the B-Main was said and done, he finished second and advanced to the main.

Tyler Smith would roll off from the 20th position in Delta Speedway’s, 40-lap, Turkey Bowl XVIII finale.

The race went green and endured a long run of non stop action to start the 40 lap affair. Before you could look up to the scoreboard to see who- ran -where, the 14 was on the board. He had climbed into the top 10 before the race reached half way. After the next caution flew Smith found himself in 7th. He was clearly on the move.

The green flag waved once again and and Smith continued his unrelenting charge to the top. By lap 25 Smith sat in second. The crowd began to rise as they were a witness to one of the most notable charges in recent memory.

Dalton Hill crossed the line for lap 28 and he had company. Tyler Smith was breathing down his neck and ready to strike. It didn’t take long for Smith to throw the slide job that catapulted him into the lead. He crossed the stripe with the lead and endured the final pass attempt to take his victory away, when Hill went for the slide job in turn 1.

Smith diamond the corner, drove underneath Hill, and the rest was history.

Tyler Smith completed the ultimate comeback to claim his first career Turkey Bowl title and 25th win of the season.

Of his 25 wins all of them are impressive, but none stuck out like this.

“It was a hell of Race,” said Smith.

“Win number 25 was good but I’m ready for 26,” he said as he left victory lane to climb aboard his Super 600 entry, and go another 40 laps with a double duty Turkey Bowl Sweep on the line.

Editor note: Super 600 just finished as this was being published. Smith wound up with another top 5 claiming the 5th spot.

  • 2018 Season Stats:
  • Shows: 48
  • Wins: 25
  • Top 5s: 40
  • Top 10s: 44
  • Championships: 6 (California Speedweek, Lemoore Raceway, Plaza Park Raceway, Delta Speedway, King of California, TURKEY BOWL XVIII)


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