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A $1000 Kids Dash for Cash is coming to the Stockton Dirt Track this Saturday November 3rd


Thanks to the year-long partners this Saturday’s Sprint Car Challenge Tour Kids Dash for Cash at the Stockton Dirt Track will feature $1000 worth of nickels up for grabs to children who acquire a wristband!

Thank you to CLT Logging, Probilt Construction, Garner Heat Treat Inc., Starr Property Management, Gary Silva Ranches, M&L Plumbing, Mancamp Motorsports, Brat Motorsports, MAJ1K Motorsports, Finley Farms, Gary Scelzi Motorsports, Kyle Larson Racing, Lucas Ashe Racing, Kyle Terzian, Bill Cannon, Swimming Pool Perfections, Dan Simpson Racing, Dennis Partlow, the Correia Family and the Thomas Family for their support this season.

The Kids Dash is offered for those ages 4-10. As always, wristbands to participate will be handed out prior to the races.




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