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Stoll Shows up at Dixon – Kaiser Memorial on Tapi

Sprint Car Insider- Driver Exclusives. DIXON, Ca. (November 2, 2018) – In a spur of the moment decision, the Stoll crew packed their stuff, loaded the race car, and took off for Dixon Speedway’s Lonnie Kaiser Memorial without giving it a second thought.

Fresh off the heels of a Turkey Bowl runner up, Caden Stoll caught the bug, and he’s hungry to win.

This weekend marks the 6th Annual Lonnie Kaiser Memorial at Dixon Speedway. The Kaiser family has a long standing history with Dixon Speedway and this event is the premier event of their season. It will also be just the second time Caden Stoll has stepped foot on the property this year.

Back in July, during California Speedweek, Stoll had quite the impressive showing at Dixon Speedway. He battled hard with the eventual winner of the race, and stayed inside of the top three the entire outing, coming away with a strong podium performance in 3rd overall. His strong Speedweek showing, coupled with the bad taste of second last weekend, led Stoll to beg his dad to run this weekend at Dixon, which they had no plans of doing.

After pulling his arm just enough, and even throwing down his Turkey Bowl winnings to contribute, well, you’re hearing it, the Stoll’s are in the house at Dixon for the Kaiser.

They took off in their motorhome like Caden left the starting gates – before anyone else and with nothing short of winning on the mind.

In addition, as has been the case lately, another gracious company came forward to sponsor Caden’s effort this weekend. This weekend the 2c will be running courtesy of Meat Burners Inc. Nationwide. They have come on board to see that Caden comes to the Lonnie Kaiser Memorial as a favorite to take the crown.

Caden has certainly garnered quite the attention this year. As a team that doesn’t have quite the resources as other with a driver who has just as much talent and desire as any, these gracious individuals and entities are making a significant impact on the young career of Stoll. Faced with the reality this sport requires an abundance of resources, the Stoll’s have been left scratching their head more than once.

However, with so many coming to the forefront and lending their hand to see his career blossom into its full potential, the Stoll’s are quite humbled to see the faith in their operation amongst their peers as well as the outside world.

Caden Stoll is primed and prepped to give the Lonnie Kaiser Memorial a run for its money tonight and tomorrow at Dixon Speedway. With two wins to his credit this season at Delta Speedway, Caden has his sights set on adding another racetrack to his win list.

Can he get it done? He sure is hungry to do so. Second just doesn’t set well with Stolly. Find out if he brings home the glory by following along right here on Sprint Car Insider. We will have all the latest breaking news, information, results, and a full length recap of Stoll’s trip to Dixon Speedway right here.

Caden Stoll would like to sincerely thank Meat Burners Inc Nationwide, and all of his sponsors, PMP chassis, Stan Yockey, Mom, Dad, Stark Naked, Mattix Farms, Coehlo Farms, Grandpa, EPC, and Koon.

Catch Caden Stoll in action next at:

6th Annual Lonnie Kaiser Memorial

November 2-3, 2018

Dixon Speedway

Dixon, California

Season Stats:

Wins: 2

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Biggest Accomplishments: Qualifying for the Loretta Lynn’ Amateur Motocross nationals and getting a top 10.

Winning a micro sprint race in my rookie year.

Winning 3 King of California races in two years.

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