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Turning Points – Defining Moment of Gauge Garcia’s Season

Sprint Car Insider- Featured Series. LEMOORE, Ca. (November 12, 2018) Sometimes the light just turns on and things begin to click.

Many athletes know the feeling. They practice, and they practice some more, and they see minimal results, but not what they fully desire. It can get to the point where it feels like they’re just spinning their wheels trying to figure it out.

The process may be endless, sitting and watching as others seem to figure out how to push the threshold progress and evolve another level. Then all of the sudden it’s like someone flipped a switch when the fruit of their labor finally rises to the top and the rest is history.

That is the story that rings true for Gauge Garcia and his breakout 2018 season. Looking back, there was a clear turning point from which point forward the legacy of Gauge Garcia emerged.

According to Gauge Garcia everything changed this season when he finally mastered running the cushion at Plaza. To the average Joe they would have no idea Garcia had any struggles. His early season was littered with success. He found victory lane numerous times including in a coveted King of California showdown. However looking back at the season there was a direct turning point for Gauge Garcia. From that point forward his confidence grew and he translated it into a highlight reel of success to round out the 2018 season.

The month of July came rolling around and things took a major change after the Clay Cup. Gauge Garcia was running hard and looking good when he caught the eye of Veteran car tuner, Shawn Smith. Smith was impressed with what he saw and decided to offer a hand to the Garcia’s. Gauges dad, Darin, is never too hard on him when it comes to on track advice, but this time, at the Clay Cup he told Gauge to tone it down notch. Those few words took the aggression right out out of him. It

That experience proved to be the drastic turning point.

From that point forward Darin has vowed to never again ask his son to tone it down again. In the time since every race, no matter what track, series, or level of pressure, Gauge Garcia has proven capable of running that level of aggression with laser sharp precision.

It was not long after Clay Cup where a seemingly new driver was born. For the first time together Shawn Smith and Gauge Garcia showed up at the race track with just one goal in mind, – to win. Already mid August at this point, the season was half-way through for most drivers contesting in the Delta Speedway track Championship season. But this night would account for just the very first appearance for the 21 on the San Jauquin County Fairgrounds all season.

Gauge Garcia was lightning fast all night.

Something had obviously clicked. He qualified fourth quick right out of the gate before proceeding to put on a show of the season in the feature. He started near the front and pushed his way forward immediately. It didn’t take him long to find the home track rival Caeden Steele in command and running down another win.

But Garcia had other plans.

He chased down the 121 before the two started exchanging slide jobs. Steele looked to have made the final move before capturing the white flag. But Garcia put in one final push. Coming to the checkered flag Gauge Garcia stole the win right out of the hands of Caeden Steele. Not only on his first run at the track all season, it was he and his crew chiefs first race together as well.

From that point forward Gauge Garcia went all-in and became a contender at every event he entered. Down the stretch he put on some memorable battles such as the barn-burner at the Mark Hagopian Memorial where he and Corey Day exchanged slide jobs like seasoned professionals. Although he came up just short, he showed the world that night the potential he has to be great.

Adding to the allure of his second half season he even almost overcame enough to win the Lemoore Raceway title. It was a dominant points finale where did everything in his power to grab the crown over Caeden Steele in a night sweep, but once again came up just short. Ever since August 18, Gauge Garcia has been a force to be reckoned with but he still has yet to write his own fairytale ending.

Not yet anyway. The chance is coming, his eyes are zeroed in, and now the ball is in his court. The ball is in his court to seal the deal and grab the most coveted prize of all – the Golden Driller.

It’s finally clicked.

He has but one chapter left to write, how will the story unfold?

Find out by staying right here on Sprint Car Insider as we follow Gauge Garcia and his pilgrimage to the 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout, January 2-5, 2019. Details are set to break in the coming weeks regarding the full status of Garcia’s entire Tulsa endeavor be sure to follow along to find out everything as it happens.

Gauge Garcia would like to cordially thank all of his sponsors – Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino, Legacy Specialties, GC Hansen INC. MasterWall Inc, Hanford Veterans of Foreign Wars, Westside Building Materials, Lewis Milinich Body Shop, BG Products, and Irrigation Matters.

Catch Gauge Garcia in action this next at

1. Turkey Night at Plaza

November 16-17, 2018

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

Visalia, Ca

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On the Horizon for Gauge Garcia

34 Annual Tulsa Shootout

January 1-5, 2019

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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