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California Blue Blood – Dylan Bloomfield and Hyper Chassis

Sprint Car Insider- Feature Series. DISCOVERY BAY, Ca (November 14, 2018) – Imagine being a basketball player in the heart of North Carolina on the heels of making the biggest decision of your life, – where to play college ball.

You live in the heart of “Blue Blood” country. Storied programs like Duke, North Carolina, and Kentucky are right in your backyard. These programs are tried and trued. Their legacies date back a century or more. The rivalries amongst each other are heated, yet sacred, at the same time. They have no liking for each other whatsoever; but if chose to play outside of the circle you might as well not even consider yourself one of them anymore.

You chose to play at another “blue blood” school, – UCLA. It’s another incredibly storied university with history and a long legacy of success, but it’s not apart of the ring that represents southern basketball and all it’s glory. You know your chances of success are just as high, but you’ll never get the respect your neighbor gets in the area you come from.

The same goes for Dylan Bloomfield and his race teams shocking choice to go with Hyper Chassis in the heart of the Golden State where the circle of manufacturers is entrenched with legacy.

There is another storied rivalry in this decision. California and Pennsylvania have long been considered two of the “blue blood” regions, if you will, in Sprint Car racing. There’s always talk of who has the better drivers, who has more competitive racing, and all-out, which one is better. That rivalry trickles down to the Micro sprint level and when Dylan Bloomfield decided to race for the Pennsylvania based manufacturer, the talk around the local pits was loud and clear.

Many questioned his decision. Some of the manufacturers even cooled off their contact with the family. Others laughed and said, “what were they thinking.”

But In the end it would be Bloomfield with the last laugh. Despite the nay sayers, and the doubt from his piers, Dylan Bloomfield and his team stuck to their guns, and came out glorious.

Originally in their quest to find the right fit Dustin Bloomfield, Dylan’s father, left no stone unturned. He contacted everyone. He inquired as information as he could, and left the final decision to his son.

He chose Hyper.

The relationship they had built with west coast rep Chris Hinkle matched with the fact that the Bloomfield’s aren’t known for being followers of the herd, made the decision easier than some may have thought. They wanted to elevate to the next level, and they wanted Hinkle to be apart of it. In the off-season they brought Hinkle on board, built their all- new Hyper chassis from the ground up, had Steve Hamblin put a bullet in it, and mimicked a motocross style training regimen that would make the toughest athletes cringe.

The success came nearly off the bat. Bloomfield took his Hyper to victory lane in the coveted King of California series early at Round 4. From there the ball started rolling and the wins came often.

Bloomfield then won round 5 of the King of California at Dixon Speedway becoming the first back to back winner of the series, across all 600 classes. It was safe to say they had the momentum but there were still doubters among the crowd.

This doubts would be silenced come California Speedweek.

Dylan Bloomfield dominated the 4 race over 5 night affair. He came out of seemingly no where to win night one. He then backed it up at night two. The series shifted south and he again landed on the podium. From that point it was nearly a forgone conclusion that he would pick up the big bear. But he went out again and drove to a soundly consistent runner up finish to claim the title.

Dylan Bloomfield was now officially on the map after his Speedweek performance.

Things didn’t pan out over the course of the other series he was contending but he still made his mark. Bloomfield brought home third in the King of California standings after missing a couple rounds with some gremlins. But it was his standout winning pattern at Delta Speedway that spoke volumes. Although third again in the standings, he drove away with the most wins by far with 8 out of 14 races.

If Bloomfield wasn’t on anyone’s radar before the 2018 season he has now claimed a spot right at the top; Right at the top of everyone’s radar.

Bloomfield may be in the heart of California “blue blood” country but he’s happy with the decision he’s made. Dylan Bloomfield came out aces with his decision to go all-in with the west coast rival. According to Bloomfield’s father, he could not be happier with the companies support of his son, and the way their product works every time. The Bloomfield’s have flown the Hyper flag proudly behind enemy lines.

The 2018 season has come and gone but Dylan Bloomfield and his Hyper Chassis are here to stay.

Dylan Bloomfield’s 2018 Season Stats:

 Shows: 31

Wins: 13

Top 5s: 19

Top 10s: 24

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See Dylan in action next at:

34th Annual Tulsa Shootout

January 1-5, 2019

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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