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Mattix Makes Return to Plaza

Sprint Car Insider- Driver Exclusive: FRESNO, Ca. (November 15, 2018) – Dont look now but Mattix Salmon is quietly set to return to the sight that’s he’s been building a foundation for success on for quite some time now.

Mattix Salmon has strung together quite the result each of his last few races at Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park. Two races ago there he charged through the field and landed solidly inside of the top ten in the final King of California appearance at the track. Also, at the Mark Hagopian Memorial he flew under the radar with a pair of top tens. Although his career-best result may have come at Delta Speedway in June, it’s safe to say Mattix has taken a liking to the track known to be the most technical of them all.

That’s what they say about the legendary Plaza Park, “if you can win here; you can win anywhere.” Well the Restricted class better be on the lookout because the number 5 is on an absolute terror lately. Combine his recent charges at Plaza, with the fact that he’s been out of the car over a month now, this may be a volatile recipe for success. The young man is hungry to get back behind the wheel and judging by the box score in 2018 he has improved with every passing weekend. Turkey Night at Plaza may just be his turn.

Remember this race at Plaza Park is generally conducive to new winners. Last year Eli Bookout finally flipped the switch and drove to his first Restricted class win. Is it time for Mattix to do the same thing?

A brief survey throughout the pits would tell you that it would not be a surprise. People have taken notice to the young man, and all agree, his time is coming. From an editorial standpoint, the amount of control he displayed to have over his car at Dixon last time out says he’s knocking on the door. He just has to get a couple of small things dialed in early in the going so he doesn’t wind up chasing himself all night. But if he were to start anywhere within the top 10 I would predict to see a podium out of Salmon this weekend.

Not only is this gifted young man showing that he is a talented racecar driver we’ve already established that he has serious game, both on fortnite, and to those playing it, but he has class. Every time the guy with the microphone goes his way he handles himself maturely and displays his likable character to the crowd.

Mattix Salmon is easily on his way to becoming the new peoples champ and a constant crowd favorite. Look for the number 5 up near the front in the Restricted class all weekend long at Turkey Night at Plaza Park.

For all the latest breaking news, information and up to the minute updates on Tyler and his journey to the Tulsa Expo Center in January be sure to stay right here on Sprint Car Insider.

On Deck: Catch Mattix Salmon in action next at:

Turkey Night at Plaza

November 16-17, 2018

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

Visalia, Ca

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