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GAUGE GARCIA Year in Review

Sprint Car Insider- Driver Exclusive: LEMOORE, Ca. (November 29, 2018) – Gauge Garcia took a major leap during the 2018 season establishing himself as a consistent threat to win no matter where he shows up.

After running 32 main events over the course of the year, Garcia came away with four spectacular triumphs. Although that’s an astonishing 12% of features started, it doesn’t convey the true magnitude of Garcia’s incredibly impressive campaign.

From the drop of the flag in March Garcia was always a threat in qualifying. One-quarter of all the races Garcia showed up to he set the fastest time in qualifying. With eight quick times out of 32 races, Garcia became the standard for qualifying in 2018. Matching his eight quick times, and 4 victories, Garcia landed the runner-up position an astounding eight times as well. That accounts for 12 of 32 races where Garcia was either first, or second.

Perhaps one of the most notable statistics, however, was the 25 top tens he scored. By only finishing outside of the top ten in seven features qualified for all year his mark for consistency has been cemented. At a young age such consistency is a trait well sought after by race teams looking for the talent of the future.

As noted many times throughout the year it was Garcia’s trip to Delta Speedway on August 18th that really turned the tables. Although it was his third victory of the year, this was the race that Garcia elevated himself into another echelon of superiority. From that point forward Garcia carried himself with more confidence, drove with more assertion, and realized where he stood in the field of America’s brightest young open wheel talent.

After he turned that mental corner one of his most notable races was the Lemoore Raceway track Championship finale where he did everything in his power to steal the championship from Caeden Steele. That night Garcia lit the board in qualifying to take the top spot just as he needed. He followed it up with a come-from-behind victory leaving no stone unturned in his quest for the title.

However in the end he came up just short; but only due to throwaways. Had there been no throwaways Garcia would have completed the comeback as he finished two points ahead in overall points strait-up. But the throwaways were difference. In any case that night at Lemoore was another example of a night Garcia, or his future sponsors and fans, will look back and say, “the legend was born.”

Garcia surely ranks high among those young guns touted to be successful in the future. Garcia’s fast turn around in mentality and high level driving ability have put him high on the radar of those seeking out the next superstars of the sport.

How Garcia handles the big stage as one of the contenders expected to win is yet to seen but coaches of his from other sports hail him as, “a man in a boys body.”

Should he continue to prove those coaches and peers of his right he will maintain composed and confident heading into the 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout in January. Garcia brings a career best season with him to the annual pilgrimage and stares down his best chances of bringing home a Driller.

The countdown is on and the big dance is now just weeks away. Make sure to stay right here on Sprint Car Insider for all the latest breaking news, details, and vital information on Gauge Garcia as he takes his talents to the River Spirti Expo Center January 1-5, 2019.

You won’t want to miss it.

Big news is set to drop in the coming days right here on Sprint Car Insider.

Gauge Garcia would like to cordially thank all of his sponsors – Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino, Legacy Specialties, GC Hansen INC. MasterWall Inc, Hanford Veterans of Foreign Wars, Westside Building Materials, Lewis Milinich Body Shop, BG Products, and Irrigation Matters.

Gauge Garcia 2018 Stats:

Features: 32

Wins: 4

Quick Times: 8

Top 5’s: 19

Top 10’s: 25

2nd: 8


Win: 12%

Top 5: 59%

Top 10: 78%

2nd: 25%

Avg Finishing Pos: 6th

Win Dates:

June 2 – Lemoore Raceway

June 8 – Keller Auto Raceway

August 18 – Delta Speedway

September 29 – Lemoore Raceway

Wins by track:

Lemoore Raceway: 2

Keller Auto Raceway: 1

Delta Speedway: 1

Follow Gauge on Facebook: @Gaugegarcia21

On the Horizon for Gauge Garcia

34 Annual Tulsa Shootout

January 1-5, 2019

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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4/21 Lemoore Raceway

Q 12th

M started 10th Finished 18th

4/27 Plaza KofC 3

Started 3rd finished 18tg

4/28 Lemoore KofC 4

Q: 1st 11.798

M: 2nd

5/12 Lemoore

Q: 1st

M: 8th – 6th

5/25 Lemoore Palace Nat.

Q: 15th

M: start 12th finish 4th

5/26 Lemoore Palce Nats 2

Q: 5th

M: 3rd

6/2 Lemoore

*1st win of the year!*

Q: 5th

6/8 Plaza KofC Rd 7

*2nd win in a row*

6/9 Lemoore KofC Rd 8

Q: 2nd

M: 14th – 6th

CALIFORNIA Speedweek Finale: lemoore

Q: 6th

M: 5th

7/6 Jet Bowl Classic

Q: 14th

M: 10th – 6th

7/7 Jet Bowl Classic

Q: 2nd

M: 5th – 3rd

**Clay Cup Nationals:**

Night 1

Q: 7th

M: 20th

Night 2

Q: no qualifying

M: 15

Night 3

22nd B main

M: dns

8/10 Plaza KofC 11

10th – 8th

8/11 Lemoore KofC 12

Q: 5th

M: 8th

8/18 Delta

Q: 4th

Main: 6th to 1st

8/25 Lemoore

Q: 8th

M: 10th

9/1 Delta

Q: 2nd

M: 2nd

9/2 Delta

Q: 18th

M: Dns

9/7 Plaza KofC 13

M: 17th – 12th

9/8 Lemoore KofC 14

Q 19th

M 12th – 4th

9/15 Delta

Q: 1st

M: 2nd

9/21 Plaza MHM 1

Q: 1st

M: 3rd

9/22 Plaza MHM 2

Q: 3rd

M: 2nd

9/29 Budweiser Grand Prix Lemoore

Q: 1st

M: 1st

10/5 KofC 15 Dixon


M: 2nd

10/6 KofC 16 Delta

Q: 6th

M: 2nd

10/12 Cal Cup Lemoore

Qualifier: 1st

Main: 2nd

Turkey Bowl 1

Qualifier 3rd

Turkey Bowl 2

Main Event: 19th DNF

Turkey Night Plaza 1

Q: 5th

M: 2nd

Turkey Night at Plaza 2

Q: 1st

M: 3rd

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