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TEN-J Chassis Year in Review – Record Breakers

Sprint Car Insider- Brand Exclusive: VISALIA, Ca. (December 6, 2018) – On August 24, 2018 the all-new TEN-J Chassis Brand burst onto the scene and they haven’t stopped turning heads since.

In the three short months the brand has been in existence they have shattered track records, broken race duration records, and become familiar with victory lane.

Right out of the gate the brand showed speed. Aboard the TEN-J concept car Ben Worth piloted the machine to third quick in qualifying at Plaza Park in its first night out. Just two short weeks later he upped the anti, and brought home second quick and a podium. Before the field could catch their eyes the TEN-J brand rolled into victory lane.

September 21, at none other than the legendary Keller Auto Raceway at Plaza Park Ben Worth emerged victorious laying claim to history. That night Worth landed the brands first manufacture victory after only five races in existence.

The ball was off and rolling from there.

That same week the brand welcomed Mitchel Moles to the stable. In his first showing he displayed the cars drivability by taking it to quick time in the non-wing class during one of the biggest west coast races of the year.

From there, 2017 Outlaw Non-Wing Class Tulsa Shootout champion, Tristan Guardino, came to take the reigns. Again, in just his first showing in the car he wound up in victory lane. Not only did he win but carried a sweep of the night with a blistering fast 11.949 to set quick time at Lemoore Raceway.

The theme of speed would continue as the TEN-J team took their show on the road for the first time. With Ben Worth back in the saddle and Mitchel Moles traveling under the same stable the TEN-J team made the trek up to Dixon Speedway to get its first taste of the surface as the King of California series came to a conclusion.

In its maiden voyage to the Dixon Speedway Ben Worth dominated the whole program. He landed quick time, won his trophy dash, and set sail in the main. Moles also had a standout night where he joined Worth on the podium leading the brand to a 1-3 finish.

From there it was on to Delta Speedway for the first time. Although they may not have won this first outing both drivers put on noteworthy performances. Ben Worth gave non-wing standout TJ Smith all he could handle in the main event. Worth even turned in the quickest time of the race.

Week number 13 of existence for TEN-J would see the manufacturers first weekend sweep.

Not only did TEN-J sweep the Super 600 and Non-Wing divisions at the Cal Cup but they also sent their third different driver to victory lane. Mitchel Moles took his first victory in a TEN-J as well as Tristan Guardino who came back to Lemoore Raceway to earn his second victory aboard the car in as many tries.

The next time TEN-J took to the track was at Delta Speedway’s Turkey Bowl. Aboard his TEN-J Chassis, Ben Worth unofficially completed the fastest 10 laps in the 31 year history of Delta Speedway. Had the Turkey Bowl XVIII format included qualifying, he could have set a track record as well, with nine second lap times.

In addition, The Delta Speedway victory laid claim to the manufactures 6th victory, on the fourth different race track, in just three months of operation. This was also just the companies second ever attempt at the 1/7th mile oval inside of the San Jauquin County Fairgrounds.

Ben Worth finished his super 600 Ten-lap heat race in 1:31.663, that’s one minute, thirty-one seconds and six tenths! His fastest lap of the heat was a staggering 9.028.

Up next in the theme of speed Mitchel Moles broke the Plaza Park track record that previously stood for seven years. Dominic Scelzi held the record until Friday night when Mitchel Moles delivered a stunning 10.112 in Super 600 qualifying.

His blistering fast lap time held for quick time followed by TEN-J teammate Ben Worth rounding out a top-two sweep of the Q session. Worth also captured Quick time on the night in the non-wing class with an 11.075 without a wing planting him to the ground.

Friday night Ben Worth also dipped into the 9 second bracket for the first time in Plaza Park history in the main event. Worth’s 9.983 lap time in the main event would have shattered even the newly broken track record had it been qualifying.

The TEN-J team is on a mission to show the industry they are here to stay. According to the team, it’s about advancing production to new levels, showcasing forward thinking, and most of all, winning.

When TEN-J set out to build cars that was the first goal in mind: to produce something anyone can win in.

According to the TEN-J team your car is only as good as the parts you put on it. TEN-J exclusively recommends Adams Performance to deliver the adequate horsepower to run at the front. No TEN-J program would be complete without Guhl Injection.

TEN-J Chassis are in full production and available for order. Jerrod Huckleberry, Shawn Smith, and the entire TEN-J crew are hard at work handcrafting each and every order that comes in.

Announcements set to drop in the next 24 hours regarding driver lineups, classes and every detail about the fast approaching Tulsa Shootout. There are some BIG SURPRISES in store, you don’t want to miss it.

Stay right here on Sprint Car Insider or their Facebook page for all the latest updates and up to the minute information.

On Deck:

34th Annual Tulsa Shootout

January 1-5, 2019

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa Oklahoma


TEN-J Chassis

Now Available for Purchase


Order yours today

TEN-J Chassis

6678 Ave 304 suite C

Visalia, Ca. 93251

(559) 802-8356

Season Stats:

Wins: 7

Quick times: 9 (New Plaza Park Track Record)

Top5: 16

Top 10: 20

TEN-J remains dedicated to producing one of a kind, handcrafted, state of the art products to each and every one of his costumers.

“TEN-J is completely committed to quality,”

# of drivers to win: 3

Ben Worth 4

Tristan Guardino 2

Mitchel Moles 1

TEN-J Chassis

Now Available for Purchase


Order yours today

TEN-J Chassis

6678 Ave 304 suite C

Visalia, Ca. 93251

(559) 802-8356

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