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Sherriff Set for Shootout

Sprint Car Insider-Official Announcement. HANFORD, Ca. (December 18, 2018) — Coming in on the heels of one of the greatest Jr. Sprint careers in recent memory Dalton the Sheriff Parreira is set to cap off his Jr Sprint career at the 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout.

After 24 wins, fourteen 2nd place finishes, two 3rd place finishes, 5 titles, and a Clay Cup Championship Dalton Parreira looks to close it out with his toughest task yet. The Tulsa Shootout is the granddaddy of them all, and no career would be complete without a Driller.

“We’re goin!” – Said Jerrod Parreira, Dalton’s father. “We just couldn’t miss this one after the year he’s had, it is a huge challenge itself just getting there, but we can’t deny him the chance.”

The 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout kicks off January 2, 2019 with racing inside of the River Spirit Expo Center in Tulsa Oklahoma. Parreira will be aboard his bright red #51 PMP in the Jr. Sprint class one final time. Not only is Parreira after his first Driller, he has the opportunity to make more history for his brand PMP, and add himself to the coveted list of PMP drivers to accomplish that feat in the past. The prestige is foundation the Shootout stands on.

Drivers get to compete within the same confines the hero’s they looked up to as children race on during the Chili Bowl. Some of those drivers may even be in attendance watching. It’s one pressure packed week full of racing and facing a multitude of circumstances sure to test any race teams mind and spirit. Winning the Golden Driller at the end of the week resembles much more than just on-track superiority by that point. The elements that make the Shootout irreplaceable go far beyond a trophy and a check.

He’s done it all in his Jr Sprint career. Now, he’s saved the toughest challenge to his grand finale. Can the Sheriff standoff at the Shootout?

Dalton the sheriff Parreira exercised dominance over the entire west coast in 2018. He won every title he contested for including: King of California, Lemoore Raceway, Delta Speedway, Plaza Park Raceway and the Clay Cup Nationals. Everywhere he showed up in 2018 the field knew there was a new sheriff in town.

However the Midwest presents a different challenge. The pressure inside of the Tulsa Expo Center will undoubtedly off the most pressure any driver could have faced up to that point. The eyes of an entire industry are you. After all everyone has read, seen, or heard, this is where everyone comes together to find out who beats who. It can be overwhelming for any driver, even a seasoned professional, but that is another element that makes the Shootout, the Shootout. In Tulsa, you have to tame every element.

51 Dalton Parreira


Shootout Rooki

Make sure to stay right here on Sprint Car Insider for all the updates on Dalton the Sheriff Parreira and his entire journey to Tulsa.

For all the latest breaking news, up to the minute results, and complete details on all your favorite drivers be sure to stay right here on Sprint Car Insider. We will be live from the Shootout bringing you wall to wall coverage on all the action.

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34 Annual Tulsa Shootout

January 1-5, 2019

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

#51 Dalton Parreira


Shootout Rookie

2018 Season Stats:

Races: 44

Wins: 24

Championships: 5 (Delta Speedway, Lemoore Raceway, Plaza Park Raceway, King of California Micro Sprint Series, Clay Cup Nationals, Turkey Bowl XVIII)

2nd Place: 14

3rd Place: 4

4th Place: 1

DNF: 1

34 Annual Tulsa Shootout

January 1-5, 2019

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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