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Heat Race Report – Dylan Bloomfield

Sprint Car Insider- Driver Exclusive. TULSA, Okla. (December 31, 2018) Heat Race action has concluded for the 2018 Restricted California Speedweek And things are looking bright.

Dylan Bloomfield’s first crack at the River Spirit Expo Center track was during his Restricted A-Class heat race. Coming in as the winner of a marquee event in the class last year eyes were firmly planted on the pilot of the #33 Hyper Chassis.

Bloomfield gave those eyes a sight to see by stepping up to the plate in a big way during his heat.

He pushed off for the heat from the 5th position. After jockeying for position on the track with the field Bloomfield hit the afterburners and climbed his way to the front of the pack. At the end of eight laps Bloomfield turned in an impressive 5th to 2nd charge. With the format set up to weigh heavily on passing points Dylan Bloomfield’s heat race was just what the doctor ordered and he will be sitting pretty going into tonight’s all-important Restricted qualifier.

Although Restricted is the class with the majority of focus around it, Bloomfield has stepped up to A-Class and Outlaw here and has shown some very impressive highlights.

In the A-Class he started from the pole next to home State legend TJ Smith. While Smith snuck out to the victory Bloomfield held tight to second. With the A Class being one of the most entered classes of the weekend, his first race in the car, and Bloomfield’s short span of experience in the class, the run was more than impressive by any standard.

Keeping with the theme of gaining experience Bloomfield has also entered the premier Outlaw class. He started his heat near the front and came away with 8th against the top dogs in the building.

“It’s all about seat time,” said Shannon Bloomfield, Dylan’s mother. “Now it’s time to go back to work for the upcoming Restricted qualifier.”

That’s right on deck for Bloomfield now is the class of the week. Restricted a class qualifiers are coming up next and they will have major implications on where you go next as far as starting position for the Driller paying feature, or putting yourself in the alphabet soup.

Heat races are over and the quest for a Golden Driller is about to heat up for the 2018 California Speedweek Champion.


Quick Results: Heat Races

Dylan Bloomfield #33

Restricted: 5th to 2nd

A-Class: 2nd

Outlaw Wing: 8th

On Deck:

Restricted Qualifier

Wednesday January 4, 2019

Race #

Starting from Pole

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34 Annual Tulsa Shootout

January 1-5, 2019

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

#33 Dylan Bloomfield


First Shootout in a 600

Be sure to Follow Dylan Bloomfield and his racing personally at

Twitter: @33_racing

Facebook: Dylan Bloomfield 33 Motorsports

Instagram: dylanb332



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