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Get This Man a Juice Box – Jett Barnes

Sprint Car Insider- Driver Exclusive. TULSA, Okla. (January 5, 2019) – There is something tender about the innocence of a child. This young man wakes up with a hunger to simply drive his race car. He doesn’t care what car it is, or what it looks like, he just wants to go fast, and win.

Little does Jett Barnes know about the significance of what he’s doing today. Little does he know how reminiscent of old school craftsmanship his chariot has been dedicated to him, and little does he know just how much weight this one race could potentially have.

But he doesn’t care – he just loves to race his race car, and he’s good at it.

TEN-J Chassis has exclusively rolled out one Jr Sprit ride and one Jr Sprint ride only.

That ride belongs to Jett Barnes. After the season he had in 2018 picking up wins in a mini dwarf, Jr Sprint, and performing at a high level in Box Stock Outlaw karts, those behind the TEN-J Chassis company needed no convincing. They’ll tell you right now that Jett Barnes is the future, and his circle of support is unmatched.

In today’s world of mass production and dedication to quantity over quality a look at how Jett’s ride came together is like a look in the history books. It’s the new generation meeting an old school method of hand made, time honored quality.

You see Jett Barnes ride didn’t come off an assembly line, nothing out of a CNC machine, it is truly a one of a kind. Jett’s father Nick has spent the last couple of months at the TEN-J shop slaving away on a brand new car for his son. From the jig table to the final piece of the project, this boys father built his car from the ground up. He didn’t do it for profit, or to show anyone up, he did it out of the love for his son, and his desire to foster the boys passion for racing.

The fruit of Nicks labor all came to fruition yesterday. Not only has Jett been under the TEN-J stable all week, like a full fledged factory driver, but he’s been performing as well as one too. Yesterday Jett Barnes lead the field to claim a checkered flag under the lights of the River Spirit Expo Center. He won his qualifier and even earned himself some T.V time. (Ed note: one of the best interviews of all time the boy is!) Not only did he win his qualifier, but he was able to beat the dominant force from back home and locked himself into the main event.

The hours his father sacrificed into producing something special for his boy who just loves to race became more than worth it, they became a symbol. Jett may not grasp how special what he has right now is, but someday he will. In a time where it is so easy to just fork out the wallet and get what you want, his dad put the time in instead, he put his own blood sweat and tears for his boy to have something unique and his own.

Without any guarantees at all the Barnes family went with it. The possible results of this old school production were in question, what if it didn’t work? Would he have been better off running what they knew? But it paid off, and it’s paid off big time.

Today Jett Barnes will start the Jr Sprint A Main from the 10th position. The young man locked himself into the field on his first Shootout attempt. That is a feat not every driver can boast, but Jett Barnes forever will.

However what will really last forever is his family’s knowledge of just what exactly went in to making this race possible. Nick Barnes gave up a lot. He put in weeks worth of work during weeks of work and it’s all come together.

The boy just loves to race and his father wants to give the boy his best opportunity. Together they have come all this way. Today is the day.

Jett Barnes drives for a Driller in car made by his dad, the one, the only, Jr Sprint TEN-J.

Don’t miss the Jr Sprint main event where Jett Barnes Rolls off from the 10th spot.



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