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Its Driller Day – TEN-J Locked and Loaded

Sprint Car Insider- Driver Exclusive. TULSA, Okla. (January 5, 2019) – The time for talk has evaporated.

It’s Driller Day at the 34th Annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout and the all-new TEN-J Chassis brand finds itself in the thick of title contention with drivers steadily locked into main events.

Leading the charge is Zeb Wise who will start on the pole of the Outlaw Non Wing class aboard his 10z after a stellar 7th to 1st qualifier.

Coming into the premier race of the event, the manufacturers flagship driver, dawning the number of the brand, Ben Worth, will pilot the 10j to green in the 55 lap Outlaw Class main event from outside of the front row.

Worth will also start the A-Class main event from inside row two, the third position.

Joining Worth locked into the A-Class main event for TEN-J is Driver of the 1T, Dirt Track Experience, 2017 Outlaw Non Wing champion, Tristan Guardino.

The final driver locked into Driller Paying main event action for the TEN-J brand is none other than the rocket, Jett Barnes. After winning his qualifier Barnes will come to the green from the 10th spot.

Not far behind the TEN-J brand has a multitude of opportunities to advance into more main events with drivers starting B-Mains or LCQ’s from prime positions.

First up, with two wins out of his first three races on the track, Gauge Garcia will take the green in the Restricted LCQ from 6th. A small bobble in his Qualifier put him in a B main but he capitalized in it and still shows to be one of the fastest Restricted drivers in the building. He’ll look to stay inside of the coveted top 6 to earn a ticket to the 20-lap main event.

Zeb Wise also had the chance to be the only driver to qualify for all four main events. Although only half the classes are aboard his TEN-J, he’s landed the pole for the Outlaw Non-wing class, and the pole for B main one on Outlaw.

Mitchel Moles started off the weekend with some eye popping heat race performances and with that he’ll start his B-mains near the front of every class. He’ll start Outlaw B main five from 3rd, Outlaw Non Wing B main one from the pole, and Stock Non Wing B main eight from 4th. Moles is far from out of contention in the remaining three classes, look for the Southern Pacific Farms, 01, TEN-J to be a factor all the way through main event action.

Of the two other drivers locked into main events in half their classes, they find themselves in B mains for the other half. Ben Worth locked himself into both wing class A-mains and without the wing he looks to start B Main 1 from 3rd in the stock Non Wing class.

Tristan Guardino may have his work cut out for him but the former Driller winner is still in the hunt as he starts Stock Non Wing B main number 2 from the 11th spot.

In just four short months of existence the TEN-J chassis brand has put itself in prime position to take home the most coveted prize in the industry. Jerrod Huckleberry said that was the only thing they came to do and they are staring the opportunity down in the face. Huckleberry continues to attribute the brands success to what he claims as the elite parts and products in the industry, such as – Adams Performance, Guhl Injection, and every other product he’ll allow on a TEN-J, to being a key factor in the entire operation.

They came to Tulsa with a one goal. They’ve checked nearly every other box to check even amongst being in their infancy. Now there’s only one box left to check.

The TEN-J Brand is heavily represented here on Driller day.

Can they take it all the way?

It’s showtime.


Find out by watching live on:


On Deck: Saturday January 5, 2019

B-mains, LCQ’s, and Driller Paying Main Events

Lock ins:

Outlaw Non-Wing Main Event

10z Zeb Wise – Pole

Outlaw Main Event

10j Ben Worth – 2nd

A-Class Main Event

10j Ben Worth – 3rd

1T Tristan Guardino 11th

Jr Sprint Main Event

55 Jett Barnes – 10th

Full Ten-J Chassis official Tulsa Shootout line up:

Jett Barnes – Jr Sprint (A 10th)

Zeb Wise – Outlaw(B6 1st) Outlaw NW(A Pole)

Ben Worth – Outlaw (A 2nd) Stk nw (B1 3rd), A Class (A 3rd)

Mitchel Moles – Outlaw (B5 3rd), Outlaw Nw (B3 Pole), Stock nw (B8 4th)

Gauge Garcia 21 – Restricted (LCQ 6th)

Tristan Guardino – A-Class (A 11th) Stock Non Wing (B2 15th)

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TEN-J Chassis would like to thank -Adams Performance, Guhl Injection, C&R radiators, Southern Pacific Farms, Worth Harvesting, The Dirt Track Experience, DIRT CO. media house, and every partner who made TEN-J possible.

See TEN-J Chassis at the 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout and stay up to date on all their results and extensive coverage by following right here on Sprint Car Insider as we will be present giving you all the exclusive wall to wall coverage.

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TEN-J Chassis

6678 Ave 304 suite C

Visalia, Ca. 93251

(559) 802-8356

2018 Season Stats:

Wins: 7

Quick times: 9 (New Plaza Park Track Record)

Top5: 16

Top 10: 20

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