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TEN-J Took Tulsa by Storm

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – VISALIA, Calif. (January 8, 2019) -> The all-new TEN-J Chassis company unveiled an all-star lineup of drivers at the 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout and came away with two drillers, another podium, and a Donnie Ray Crawford Hard charger performance in addition to seven main event starts.

“The difference is who you surround yourself with,” said Jerrod Huckleberry, design engineer and lead fabricator. “Every person involved with this operation from the beginning had the same goal in mind and everyone played a huge role, this couldn’t have been done without that level of commitment and focus.”

Since the brand made its on-track debut in August they have been racking up wins, padding the stat sheet, and garnering attention from every which direction. They jumped out to a quick start by capturing a win in just their third week out and from that point forward they continued to make their presence felt.

When Ben Worth piloted the 10j to the unofficial fastest 10-lap heat race in the 30-year history of Delta Speedway, the industry took notice. When they backed it up just a couple weeks later with Mitchel Moles breaking a 7 year standing track record at Plaza Park Raceway their status was cemented. From that point forward there was no doubt when TEN-J Chassis came through the doors of the River Spirit Expo Center they were going to be contenders.

The crew behind TEN-J Chassis truly left no stone unturned when it came to preparations for the granddaddy of them all. Booking an all-star lineup with the likes of Zeb Wise, the youngest USAC national Midget winner in history, Tristan Guardino, an Outlaw Non-Wing Shootout Champion, Ben Worth, the brands flagship driver, and the entire team of standout hot shoes, let the industry know they were all-in. Their chips were on the table, and it was going to take a royal flush to beat that hand.

From the drop of the first green flag they backed up the hype. It didn’t take long to earn their first checkered flag of the week. It was Gauge Garcia taking those honors when he drove his way to the front of his Restricted A-Class heat in his first ever race aboard a TEN-J as well. From there Tristan Guardino won a winged A-Class heat race and Ben Worth won his Outlaw Class heat. After the heat races the brand was sitting pretty with most entries advancing strait to qualifiers.

The qualifiers were where the magic was made. Zeb Wise came to life is his Non-Wing Outlaw Qualifier by driving from 7th to 1st to earn high point honors and the Pole for the main event. Ben Worth was also able to drive from 4th to 1st in the Outlaw Wing Qualifier which put him on the outside of the front row for the 55-lap main event. Jett Barnes won his Jr Sprint Qualifier over his hometown rival and locked himself into the A-Main from the 10th starting spot. After Qualifiers the brand had 5 total wins, and five cars locked into main events.

As the Saturday night show got underway Mitchel Moles and Zeb Wise put two more TEN-J’s into main event action. Mitchel Moles stepped up to the plate in Stock Non-Wing by coming from the back of his LCQ and into a transfer position. Wise on the other hand started his Outlaw Wing LCQ from the pole and dominated.

From that point it was time for what everyone came for, – the Driller Paying Main Events. After entering the weekend with 7 drivers, accounting for 14 entries across 5 classes, the brand had 7 cars in 5 main events.

It was time to earn Drillers.

Out came the Outlaw Non-Wing Main Event and Zeb Wise leading the field to green from the pole. As soon as the race went green Wise was the class of the field. He could take his TEN-J anywhere he wanted on the racetrack. No one had anything for the 10z of Wise as he drove away to a wire to wire victory.

After 11 previous attempts the youngest USAC National Midget winner in history picked up his first career Golden Driller aboard an all-new TEN-J Chassis.

Wise and the TEN-J crew celebrated their first Drillers together.

“This car was so fun to drive,” said Wise, to SPEED SPORT News, “I could drive off into the corner and take it anywhere I wanted to go, this is by far the best non-wing car I’ve ever driven.”

The lap times illustrate that Wise truly was on another level.

After just four months in existence the TEN-J brand had seen, seized, and conquered the biggest accomplishment in Micro Sprint racing. With three main events left they had one Golden Driller to their credit. But it wasn’t over just yet.

Jett Barnes almost earned them another with a brilliant drive up to 3rd from the 10th starting spot in the Jr Sprint Main aboard the only TEN-J Jr. Sprint in existence. The A-Class Wing Main didn’t pan out the way everyone hoped but there was still one more egg to crack.

There was one more shot at glory, One more shot to win. The headlining, premier race of the weekend was all that remained, – the Outlaw Wing 55-lap Main Event.

Every Golden Driller is special but no one will deny the 55 lapper means just a little more. It’s a little more strain on the car and it’s equipment. It’s a little more nerve racking to anticipate the changes on a track you haven’t spent even half the distance on at one time yet. And it’s a little more of test on a drivers composure, 55 laps is a long time to come unraveled. Two more TEN-J’s remained heading into the Outlaw feature.

Zeb Wise transferred from the LCQ and started 22nd. While Ben Worth, the flagship, original TEN-J driver, who dawns the company namesake, would start from the outside front row. Could he make it happen?

Frank Flud and Ben Worth lead the field to green and it was all in the drivers hands from there, 55 laps sat in between the final 24 fastest drivers of the week and the most Coveted Driller of them all.

Flud stepped out to the early lead as Worth filed in behind him. Just as the race was getting into a rhythm Flud’s car let go coming out of the corner right in front of Worth as he had no where to go and ran right over the right of his sending him into the air like he was hucking a triple on dirt bike. Everyone gasped in collective shock all hoping the car was un damaged. There was no time to bring the car in, he could not give up the lead, all they could do was hope.

The field went back to green as Worth left the field back in Amarillo as he stepped on the gas. He got the perfect restart and stepped out to the lead. As a few laps went by it was apparent the car was drivable and it was all in the hands of Worth now. He clicked off laps consistently running sub 12 second lap times throughout the main. He was clearly the fastest car on track in clean air.

But then there was lapped traffic.

As Worth got into lapped traffic his hometown rival got into second. You could not have written a better script for this race as Hagopian attempted to run Worth down. They battled for a few laps before Worth made a slight bobble and surrendered the lead.

Then there was a caution.

The caution came out and scored the race back to the last lap completed by everyone on the lead lap and that propelled Worth back to the lead. This was just what the doctor ordered for Worth as he was undoubtedly fastest in clean air.

Ben Worth lead the field to green on the restart and never looked back. After 55-laps Ben Worth drove the original TEN-J to the biggest win of his career and the biggest in the sport.

Worth took the all-new TEN-J Chassis company to victory lane in the Outlaw Class of the Tulsa Shootout.

On top of winning both Outlaw Class Drillers, Zeb Wise drove all the way into the top 5 in the Outlaw Wing class to earn the Donnie Ray Crawford Hard Charger award.

After only four short months of existence the brand accomplished the biggest feat in the entire industry, just as they set out to.

They came, they seized, and they conquered. TEN-J walked away from the 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout as champions of the Outlaw Wing, and Outlaw Non-Wing classes, and perhaps most notably, the unquestionable validation as one of the top brands in the sport.

After all the accomplishments, broken records, and speed on every surface, the questions of doubt have unequivocally been answered.

TEN-J is here to stay.



TEN-J Chassis

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TEN-J Chassis

6678 Ave 304 suite C

Visalia, Ca. 93251

(559) 802-8356

TEN-J Chassis would like to thank -Adams Performance, Guhl Injection, C&R radiators, Southern Pacific Farms, Worth Harvesting, The Dirt Track Experience, DIRT CO. media house, and every partner who made TEN-J a reality.

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Season Stats:

Wins: 9 (Outlaw & Outlaw NW Champions)

Quick times: 9 (New Plaza Park Track Record)

Top5: 20

Top 10: 25

TEN-J remains dedicated to producing one of a kind, handcrafted, state of the art products to each and every one of his costumers.

“TEN-J is completely committed to quality,”

# of drivers to win: 5

Ben Worth 5

Tristan Guardino 2

Mitchel Moles 1

Zeb Wise 1

TEN-J Chassis

Now Available for Purchase

Order yours today

TEN-J Chassis

6678 Ave 304 suite C

Visalia, Ca. 93251

(559) 802-8356

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