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Ben Worth the Wait – He Did It

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – VISALIA, Calif. (January 9, 2019) —> Work until your idols become your rivals.

Ben Worth has wanted nothing more in his entire life but to be a professional race car driver. He loves the sport. He eats, sleeps, and breathes racing.

Having that kind of passion for the sport often times leads to having some kind of star struck tendencies in the presence of those who have accomplished big things in the sport. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that drivers you grew up watching in awe of are now your competitors. But there comes a day when a kid with a dream realizes that he belongs in the same conversation with those very same people he idolized, he realizes they strap in the car the same way, and they probably felt the same way too at one point. The day comes where the driver wakes up from his hopes and dreams and decides it’s time to make them a reality.

For Ben Worth that moment came before taking on the 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout.

It was a weird feeling he said. But he awoke from a dream where he won the Outlaw Class Driller. It’s a dream he’s dreamt a million times, but this time was different. From that point forward he knew he could do it, he felt he was GOING to do it.

Just one year ago Worth debuted as driver of Jerrod Huckleberry’s 10j at the Shootout. Everyone surrounding him told him he could win, he knew he was expected to win. But the reality of that notion hadn’t completely set in.

Racing is all about confidence. Although he performed better than he ever had at the Shootout last year, he hadn’t fully cemented that belief in himself yet. The race ended beyond his control and it was devastating. But right then and there the fire was lit and a new driver was born.

Throughout the 2018 season Ben Worth displayed a whole new character behind the wheel of a racecar. While he still made small mistakes here and there he was able to move forward from them taking a lesson with each one. His confidence grew with every passing lap in 2018. As the year went along and he checked box after box of valuable lessons learned he began to realize that maybe he was just as good as those he looked up to his entire life.

Anecdotes began to rumble through the pits from some of the best drivers. His peers reiterated that once he figured it out, it would be him putting in the dominant performances he watched so many of them put down year after year. Then it all started happening.

He figured it out. Ben Worth realized he held the key to the success he desired and it was all in his belief in his own abilities.

Mid-year he got the opportunity to drive a sprint car again and he felt right at home. He was fast all night and that boosted his confidence insurmountably. He laid down the fastest 10-lap heat race in Delta Speedway history unofficially, and followed that up with the win of a race he’s long hoped to grab, – he won Turkey Bowl. He closed out the year with ten victories and went into the off-season with his head held high and one more box to check.

That’s when the dream started to look like a reality.

Going into the 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout Ben Worth knew his name was just as worthy of hanging in the rafters as anyone else. This year he decided that no driver was more deserving of that Driller, no name had a better chance because of what they have done in the past. He knew that he had a team behind him that gave him as good a shot as anyone, and that he was as prepared to take home the glory as any driver on the planet, and he showed it.

This was Ben Worth’s year. He would not be denied.

He came in for redemption and redeem himself he did. He won a heat race, landed in qualifiers in each class, and at the halfway point of the week stared down his best Shootout performance in history. Things were rolling just the way he dreamt it, and it fueled him to keep the fire going.

Qualifiers came around and he stepped up yet another level. He proved his prominence out there for everyone to see. Worth came away with an A-Class victory and 2nd in Outlaw class points. Going into the main events Ben Worth would start from the Outside front row of the premier race of the weekend next to the most accomplished Micro Sprint racer in history. He would start the A-Class Main from 3rd with the most decorated of names behind him.

The time had come. Now it was really time for Ben Worth to prove to himself that he belonged there. Those names meant nothing, it was time to put his name in the books right next to the ones he’d looked at forever. The team knew he could do it, they all had the gut feeling. Now it was all on Ben. It was his turn to believe in himself and his skill that put him in this position. Only one more box was left to check and only Ben could check it.

Then came A-Mains at the 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout.

After being presented with the best opportunity he’s ever had to win by starting third in A-Class Worth regressed just a smudge. Perhaps this was a test. Had he really changed? Ben said the car was tight and he just smoked it in there and it cost him. Ordinarily Worth would have been on fire, pissed off and ready burn the place down.

But not this time.

According to the team they saw a Ben Worth they had never seen before. They saw a calm, cool, and collected Ben Worth who remain composed, shook it off his shoulders, and remembered there was one more task at hand.

It was time for the grand finale. Ben Worth drove to the green flag from the outside of the front row for the 55-lap Outlaw Class main event. He would have to log 55 perfect laps against the best in the world. He would have to beat some of those he had grown up idolizing, he had to know that his name belonged on the same pedestal as theirs.

In the early going of the race Worth filed into second behind Frank Flud. He held his own until disaster struck. Worth then flew over the top of Flud’s car and he landed hard. While he inherited back the lead there was no guarantee the car would be in condition to go the rest of the way. But he kept on pushing.

Worth was thrown every challenge he’d ever failed to win. His patience was tested, his nerves were pushed to the extreme, and his temper was flared, but Ben Worth came up aces in the biggest moment of his life. Not one of those challenges deterred Worth from making it the distance. He could not be rattled, he could not be shook, he knew it was time to add his name to the book.

“I got the white flag and knew I only had to put one more lap together,” said Worth. “Once I came out of turn four and I could see the checkered I couldn’t believe it. I was looking at the checkered of the Tulsa Shootout, I’ve won a lot of races, BUT NOT LIKE THIS!”

Ben Worth won the race of his dreams. Ben Worth drove his way to becoming the 34th Annual Tulsa Outlaw Class champion. His dream had come true. Everyone in the building knew it too as they could hear him screaming from Oklahoma City.

He’s graced that podium with friends time after time but to be the man honored was a reality Worth will never forget, and will cherish for life. The team rushed him with hugs, his sister balled her eyes out with pride, and the. Ben looked to the rafters where now his name lies for life.

He did it. He put his name on the list that only the best ever sign, now Ben Worth is a name another kid will work all his life to be etched by Ben’s side.



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