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Charging Barnes – Jett Barnes top 3 in Every Race at First Shootout

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – VISALIA, Calif. (January 9, 2019) -> New car – No Problem.

First time there – No Problem

Being one of the youngest drivers in the class – No problem at all.

Not many drivers can say they finished in the top three of race they were in at their very first Shootout, but Jett Barnes forever will.

Jett Barnes made a memorable debut at the 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout with standout performances, and a Main Event charge that will not soon be forgotten.

Barnes made a trend of moving forward all week long during the Tulsa Shootout. In fact, he finished in the top 3 in every race he was in. According to his father, Nick Barnes, had he gone a different direction with setup for the heat race, we may be talkin about a different champion in the Jr. Sprint division. But all in all, there is no reason for second thought as Jett Barnes showed his prowess in a big way last week.

The young man will race anything, and be competitive. He’s raced mini dwarfs, and won. He’s raced outlaw karts, and won. He has raced in Jr. Sprints against kids twice his age, and won. Jett Barnes has shown time and again that he is a natural Prodigy. Once again his natural instincts came into play at the biggest Micro Sprint race in the world.

For months his father Nick spent countless hours in the TEN-J Chassis shop manufacturing a one of kind Jr Sprint Chassis for his son to debut at the Shootout. Many may call into question, why debut something brand new at the biggest race of them all? Why not continue to run something tried and true?

Well the answer is simple – Jett has proven he can run anything. All Jett Barnes wants to do is win. In this case the TEN-J Chassis crew and his father Nick felt Debuting the one of a kind TEN-J Jr Sprint presented the best chance for Barnes. They went all in on designing Jett’s ride, and it paid off big time.

Jett rolled into the River Spirit Expo Center with a whole new look as part of a fresh new team, but there was one thing that hadn’t changed, and that’s the driver. His desire hadn’t gone away, and his will to win hadn’t gone anywhere, Jett Barnes only knew he was at another race, and he wanted to win.

He was fast out of the box Wednesday in practice. The team was further convinced he could be a serious contender. In his heat race he charged up from 5th to 3rd. Pretty remarkable considering his father looks at that as his worst race of the weekend.

He advanced directly into the Qualifier and his performance there could easily be considered his claim to fame over the week, but it would get even better. The Qualifier saw Barnes go toe to toe with his hometown rival and come out aces. Jett Barnes took off and held down the fort out front to win his qualifier over Dalton Parreira, the driver who won everything there was to win back him in 2018.

Although he won his Qualifier, and did well in his heat, the Shootout format is heavily weighed on passing points. This would put Barnes on the 5th row, starting from 10th place in the main event.

Had the Shootout ended right there Barnes would have been able to consider it a grand success. Not many drivers can say they took a checkered flag of any race under the lights of that building, let alone a Qualifier, in their first attempt, and to make the A-Main in their first shot. But Jett Barnes will forever be able to boast that reality.

The Shootout wasn’t over for Barnes, however.

He started out by stealing the hearts of those in the building and back home by carrying out the California flag on the back of TEN-J teammate Mitchel Moles. Barnes is such a photogenic young man, who looks so pure, and so sweet. It may be hard to envision the animal that lies behind the visor of his helmet when the flag drops, but it’s clearly there, he has the animalistic winners instinct.

The main event took off and Barnes went the wrong direction at first. He fell back a couple of positions as things stretched out at the front. The 20-lap main event got into full swing and after the first caution the light switch clicked on for Barnes.

Jett began dropping drivers like flies on his way to the front. He was passing two drivers at a time as he dropped the hammer. Even the announcers on the broadcast took notice as they could not but help mentioning Barnes with every passing lap. As the race drew near the finish he found his way to the top 5.

One last caution came out and set up a green, white, checkered.

This was Jett Barnes chance to make a miracle against a field of drivers mostly twice his age. He doesn’t care anything about that, you put cars in front of him and he wants to beat them. The race went green and the field stepped on the gas. Barnes was able to make one final charge and as the top three drivers went haywire Barnes kept his composure.

The white flag waved and it was clear Jett Barnes was the fastest driver on the track. He was just out of time. That didn’t stop him however. Barnes took his #55 TEN-J Chassis and with some big time last lap moves found his way to the podium.

Jett Barnes completed his first ever Tulsa Shootout Main Event with a fierce 10th to 3rd charge.

Barnes will forever be known as the hard charging, smiling young gun, who can win in anything. What’s more is he is just getting started. At the mere age of 7, Barnes already has a resume as decorated as a lot of

Jr Sprint racers ever achieve, but he’s just getting started.

The young man may not understand the gravity of what he accomplished, someday he will. Someday he will understand how much hard work went into simply making that race. Someday he will understand how special it was to not even be fazed by the stature of the event. Someday he will understand that not every child has the talent and skill to put up those kind of results at all, let alone the very first time in a new car.

What Jett Barnes did at the 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout was special. Many people knew Jett Barnes displays almost every intangible quality it takes to be a successful racecar driver but after last week, now the world knows. Now the world knows that Jett isn’t just a driver that is good and has to race, the world knows just how much this young man loves to race.

Jett Barnes is here to stay, his name is on the map, Jett Barnes will be back.

Just remember too, he’s just getting started. The world has seen nothing yet. Keep your eyes on the 55, the Rocket Jett.


Jett Barnes would like to thank all of his sponsors:

Chads Auto Glass

Sprint Car Insider

Reen Electric

Carbon Copies

JF George Enterprise

Ingram Pump and Equipment

Dirt Co

Thank’s too

Mimi and Poppi



Jerad Huckleberry

Shaun Smith

Jordan Silva

The rest of the family and fans

Results: 34th Annual Tulsa Shootout

Jett Barnes #55 Jr Sprint Class

Heat Race: 3rd

Qualifier: 1st

Main Event: 3rd

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On the Horizon for Jett Barnes

2019 Budweiser Outlaw Nationals

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

March 22-23, 2019

Visalia, Ca.

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