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Lovenburg Racing – Human Highlight Reel. – 2018 Year in Review

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – VISALIA, Calif. (January 9, 2019) -> Cash Lovenburg may just be responsible for the single best highlight reel footage of the entire year. Not too many drivers can say they flipped the car violently down the back stretch, convinced the safety workers he was okay, and then proceeded to win, all in one twenty lap event, but Cash can.

That night may have come to symbolize the entire season for the Lovenburg boys. One single main event could be looked at as a microcosm of their entire year.

Two of the most improved drivers out of every division contested at Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park And Lemoore Raceway were hands down Cash and Ty Lovenburg.

Both drivers were able to make significant improvements in terms of results, speed, confidence and without a doubt, sheer style. The beginning of the season saw two young drivers out there picking up seat time, taking laps, and having a good time. But by the end of the year, the two, especially Cash, had developed into tried and true, front running contenders.

For Cash, the beginning of the year saw some speed and potential, his driving style gave off the impression that he was just having fun, and was a bit timid to mix it up at the front of the pack. What a difference a season makes. Because by the end of the year he could fit his car in the smallest of gaps, he drove with a certain swagger, and it was evident the only position that mattered was first,- no matter who was on the track.

For Ty, the beginning of the year it was an accomplishment to finish the race. Don’t forget that every driver begins at that stage. He logged his laps, and showed steady improvement, but what stood out most was his unrelenting fortitude to keep after it. By the end of the year he could stay on the lead lap, and keep the front runners in site. Judging by the car he runs in comparison to the class, Ty may have the most difficult job to do of all of them, but he never complains, and gets the job done.

By seasons end Cash Lovenburg drove away with three wins in twenty-eight starts. That’s roughly ten percent of the races entered. What’s more is he actually landed on the podium of ten of his final 13 races. Six additional times throughout the season he finished in the top three accounting for fifty percent of his feature starts. Another ten top fives stands for eighty-five percent of his races entered. Although many races couldn’t quite change this stat, Cash finished in the top 10 in 100%. of his races. In any case, that is a remarkable stat.

What changed for Cash most notably over the course of the 2018 season was his desire and ability to rack up wins. He was able to earn the top spot in 11 heat races at Plaza and Lemoore alone. On two occasions he was the overall fastest driver in the main event, which judging by the class of competition he regularly faces, may be the most impressive stat of them all.

However his claim to fame will forever be the three main event victories he earned. The first of which took place on August 25, at Lemoore Raceway. After a season and a half of racing Cash finally sealed the deal. It was a welcomed win as the Lemoore Raceway crowd rose to their feet and gave young Lovenburg a reaction he’ll always remember.

While no driver ever forgets the first win, win number two was just as, or even more memorable. Win number two came just about a month later at Lemoore Raceway’s traditional Budweiser Grand Prix. Cash had been fast all night. Just one week prior, at the Mark Hagopian Memorial in Visalia, Cash watched a fellow competitor of his flip violently down the front strait away while battling for a win. Everyone in the crowd thought the race was over for the young man but he would have nothing of it. As soon as the safety workers got there the young man was crying but not because he was hurt. The young man, while balling his eyes out, asked if his racecar could still go. Much to the surprise of the workers, and EMT’s they chuckled a little bit, after they made sure the driver was okay, and he went on to finish the race.

Fast forward just one short week and it would be Cash in the same predicament.

As the 20-lap main event of the Budweiser Grand Prix got underway a battle at the front began to materialize. The drivers up front battled wheel to wheel for every inch of real estate. All of the sudden as the pack raced down the backstretch all you could see was a black car cartwheeling end over end before finally a loud thud shook the ground and the dust settled. Once every car made it back to the front strait away but the number 21, it was all of the sudden apparent which car was involved in the viscous crash on the back stretch, it was Cash.

As moms maternal instinct took over and she rushed to the aid of the young man once again everyone was a bit surprised. The number one concern from Cash was if he was going to be able to finish the race. Well, his wing was messed up and the car was battered, but it was deemed intact enough to race.

There Cash rolled, smashed wing and all, to the tail end of the field where he would rejoin the field.

The Jr. Sprint main went back to green flag action and the legend was born. As each lap clicked by Cash Lovenburg advanced further and further up the running order. All of the sudden he found himself back in the top

5 and catching the leaders. The crowd began to at one another in disbelief. The kid who just flipped his witz down the back stretch was looking at going for the win!

Laps wound down as the race reached its closing stages and the 21 was right in the thick of it, he had caught the leaders. Then a late Race caution came out and sparked some extra curricular activities from the leaders they began to pay more attention to each other than the charging 21 behind them. The race took off back to green and so did the 21. Cash Lovenburg inherited the lead and the crowd rose to Its feet.

He couldn’t possibly complete the impossible could he?

Yes, yes he could. Cash Lovenburg took the white flag all by himself out front. He had to click off one more lap to complete the unthinkable comeback. As he rounded turn number four to see the checkers he received a standing ovation. The crowd cheered at the top Of their lungs as Cash came out of the car and celebrated with pure jubilance. He did it. He won the Grand Prix after flipping down the back stretch and mangling his wing. Not only did he win but he ripped through the entire pack with precision and pure speed.

The second of win of young Cash Lovenburg’s career was a highlight reel moment from start to finish.

It would have been the perfect way to end the season but it wasn’t over yet. The only races that remained on the schedule from there were the off-season exhibitions. Cash earned three more heat race wins during the Cal Cup at Lemoore, Turkey Bowl at Delta, and Turkey Night at Plaza. Speaking of Delta, the two boys made their career debuts there for the annual Turkey Bowl event. Delta Speedway is a 1/7th mile oval at the San Jauquin County fairgrounds in Stockton and it’s a driver favorite among tracks.

Like a lot of drivers, the boys really enjoyed the track. They enjoyed a change of pace, and something a lot smaller than what they normally race on. While the results didn’t pan out at Delta it seemed to have boosted their confidence heading into the final race of the season.

Mid November saw the boys come back to Plaza Park for the final two nights of racing in 2018. Both boys would land on the podium in both nights of racing action. To put the cherry on top of the season Cash actually scored his third and final win of 2018. Cash completed the season with three main Event wins, 11 heat race wins, and a status as championship favorite heading into 2019.

Ty earned himself three top 5’s and 23 top 10’s over the course of the season in which he was visibly the most improved driver on the track. By the end of the season he could keep the front runners in his sights. It would be no surprise to see both Lovenburg boys battling for wins next year.

As the 2019 season approaches Cash Lovenburg is unquestionably a pre season favorite to land titles at Lemoore and Plaza. His competition will certainly be hot on his trail, but the battle is taking shape. Many more wins lie ahead for Cash Lovenburg. Ty Lovenburg sits high among the list of drivers destined to grab their first victory.

The future is bright for the Lovenburg brothers. Last season saw vast amounts of improvement that laid the foundation of success. What more could they bring to the table in 2019? The best way to find out would be to come to Keller

Auto Raceway at Plaza Park on March 22 and 23 for the flagship race kicking off the year – Its the Outlaw Nationals. Will you be there?

Make sure to check out Lovenburg Racings YouTube channel you can watch it here : https://youtube/A93jVQMWwqM

Lovenburg Racing would also like to cordially say thank you to all of their great sponsors who have made this all possible. With your support none of this is possible!

Thank you, Chuck, and Kay Lovenburg at Deans Appliance, Bryan Lovenburg,

Comfort Now,

Irrigation Matters,

Tulare Ag Products,

Chapala Grill,

Mid-Cal Transmission,

HNH Nut Co.,

Source to Source,

MCR Engines,

B&B Racing Engines,

PMP Chassis,

Mastercraft Boats,

Consolidated Metal Fab,

UA Local 246,

Steven and Amy Lovenburg Lynn,

The Parreira and Garcia Families,

CED Visalia,

84 Recycle Visalia & Hanford,

Perine & Dicken Fiduciary Services and

Miller Automotive Speed and Marine.

Thank you for a great 2018 and here’s to 2019! Thank you all so much!

On the Horizon for Lovenburg Racing

2019 Budweiser Outlaw Nationals

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

March 22-23, 2019

Visalia, Ca

2018 Season Statistics:

#21 Cash Lovenburg

Features: 28

Wins: 3

Top 3: 14

Top 5: 24

Top 10: 28

Heat Wins: 11

Fastest Lap: (main) 2


Win % 10%

Top 3 50%

Top 5% 85%

Top 10% 100%

Winning Nights:

1.August 25, 2018 – Lemoore Raceway

2.September 29, 2018 – Budweiser Grand Prix – Lemoore Raceway

3.November 17, 2018 – Turkey Night – Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

Wins by Track:

Lemoore Raceway 2

Plaza Park 1

01T Ty Lovenburg

Features: 27


Top 5: 3

Top 10: 23

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On the Horizon for Lovenburg Racing

2019 Budweiser Outlaw Nationals

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

March 22-23, 2019

Visalia, Ca.

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