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Salmon Motorsports – Origins

Sprint Car Insider- FRESNO, Calif. (January 31, 2019) –> Some of the most successful businesses in existence started off with an ice cold six pack and two guys shootin the stuff over some bent sheet metal.

That is the story behind Salmon Motorsports as well.

The story starts with the relationship between Charles Salmon and Mark Hagopian. The went to high school together and knew of eachother. But the two weren’t exactly best friends according to Charles. Then when they started racing the two would see eachother more often and a cordial relationship blossomed.

Fast forward to Mark going through a divorce his friendly neighbor Charles began to stop by the Hagopian’s race shop to put back some beers and share some laughs. Mark had been building custom wings for over 20 years and Charles now found himself put to work by Hagopian when he went to visit. Salmon learned more and more about the wing building process and dimensions required to manufacture what everyone in the area needed.

One day Mark looked at Charles and said, “Man, I’m tired of building wings. Why don’t you do it?”

After scratching his head and thinking, “why would I do this?” Charles saw the benefit in Wing building. Wings are a piece of the car always needing replacement, people need them replaced quickly, and it wasn’t too terribly hard. He pondered it and before long decided to take Hagopian’s newly hired wing builder with him.

Thus Salmon Motorsports Custom wings was born and Tyler Tj Smith was their first employee.

Matt Salmon also includes that he really wanted to convince his dad to say yes because he saw Tyler and looked at him as a little brother, but “he wasn’t going to make it in the window business.” So the wing shop filled two voids. It gave Tj a chance to work in the industry and work close to the race cars to keep his focus on become the best driver he could be, and it gave the local racers a wing shop solely dedicated to designing and manufacturing custom wings.

Today Salmon Motorsports employs two full time employees. One also serves as the crew chief, Garrett Churich, and the other, still the driver, Tj Smith. Salmon sponsors over 5 cars on the track, constantly has inventory in-stock, and provides service to a nationwide clientele base.

From their humble beginnings nearly ten years ago to today Salmon Motorsports has grown tremendously. No matter how much they e grown however one thing still remains intact, their commit to serve local racers with custom hand made quality.

The thought started with story time and a six pack. Today the only story is how many Salmon Motorsports custom wings went to victory lane last weekend? Or how is it that the Non-Wing master is the wing maker?

One question is answered much easier than the other but if you call the shop today and mention Sprint Car Insider and I (JJ) will put 10% toward your next custom hand made wing built by a guy who can’t stand wings. Just one on his car anyway.

Call Salmon Motorsports Today!

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