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CALIFORNIA DREAMIN: Torgerson Racing Tackling California Micro Scene in 19

Torgerson Racing Ready to Focus on Micro Sprints in California

Story by JJ Cox. Images by Chris Cleveland

Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. PHOENIX, Ariz. (February 4, 2019) – Monster trucks, Micro’s, Sprint Cars, Dwarf cars, go-karts, dirt bikes, it doesn’t matter, If it has wheels and a motor, the Torgerson brothers race it.

Austin (88), and Ashton (02), Torgerson, are world class race car drivers.

Having been all over the world racing with multiple championships and race wins to their credit, across several disciplines of racing, solidifies that notion. Even with their credentials in mind, one specific region keeps reeling them back in.

The Central California Micro Sprint scene.

According to the team California’s caliber of competition keeps the brothers coming back to take another shot time and time again.

“We’ve had wins back home. But, we want the Cali wins,” said Danny. “Were hoping this being the first year focused solely on Micros will be the difference.”

The two brothers out of Phoenix, Arizona are both elite level asphalt Kart racers with several championships a piece. As a matter of fact, Ashton had the distinct honor to represent the United States in Italy as part of only two drivers selected. They have dominated the Kart scene as their main focus over the last several years but in 2018 their focus shifted to dirt.

While the brothers had fun racing Micro Sprints in Arizona, it becomes business in 2019. Both Ashton and Austin can claim wins on the Arizona Micro circuit but nothing would mean as much as capturing the glory on Golden State soil.

The news of the returning stock class to central California has the Torgerson boys putting the chips on the table and going all-in.

According to the team owner, and their father, Danny, last season was a transition year coming over to the dirt from asphalt but the boys showed promise.

“Yeah were going to come give it a shot,” said Danny Torgerson. “We race a little of everything but there’s nothing like the California Micro Sprint scene and this year the boys are coming to race in two classes each.”

This season the plan for Torgerson Racing is to tackle the title chase at Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park And Lemoore Raceway in the Super Stock and Restricted class for Ashton, and the Super 600 and Non Wing for Austin.

According to Danny Torgerson he anticipates that it’s going to be a challenging and busy task having two drivers in two classes, two nights a week, but they’re up for the challenge, and having back to back nights of racing consistently with the Stock Class offered in addition makes it worth while coming down.

New for this season Ashton makes the switch from his CS9 Chassis over to a D1 while Austin will remain in his PMP as it stands now heading into the series. While out on the Monster Truck tour now it’s all dirt at this point for the Torgerson’s. The boys know what it takes to win championships and this season that experience is going with them all the way to California on a weekly basis.

The trek to central California is no Sunday drive but with their front run in goals in mind, it’s well worth it. There is a healthy Micro Sprint scene in the region as well, but like here in the Golden State for the last hand-full of years, there is no Stock class. Being a class so prevalent in the rest of the nation, and at the big time races, the Stock Class is shaping up to be a huge reason for other traveling teams to make the trip.

However, according to Austin and Ashton there’s something else that California offers that makes it well worth the trip.

“My favorite of all the cars to race is my Micro sprint,” said 12-year old, Ashton. “California is one of the best places to race because the competition is so deep.”

California’s Micro Sprint certainly has proven to be legendary throughout the years. The two race tracks the boys will be competing on have become synonymous with the phrases: “If you can win here; you can win anywhere,” for Plaza Park, and, “Home of the fastest Micro Sprint racers in the nation,” for Lemoore. With worldwide reputations like that, it’s no wonder, there is also a lot to learn in the Golden State.

“I really love racing Micro’s in California because I have learned a lot out there,” said 15-year-old, Austin. “California has some of the best drivers and definitely the best tracks, I enjoy racing out there a lot.”

Austin and Ashton Torgerson will be contenders aiming for the Super Stock Class, Restricted 600 and Super 600 crown. The world class karting champions from the desert are set to take on the valley.

Are they ready?


Find out when the Stock Class returns to the track Friday and Saturday March 22-23, at Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park in Visalia, California, for the Budweiser Outlaw Nationals.

Plaza Park Raceway – “If you can win here, you can win anywhere.”

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park is a 1/5th Mile oval located in Visalia, California that has hosted top level Micro Sprint racing for over three decades. Keller Motors in Hanford, California has served as the tracks premier sponsor for four seasons now and is proud to provide a premier facility for the future of racing to gain their laps.

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

700 S Plaza St.

Visalia, Ca 93277

See you in Friday Nights!

Lemoore Raceway is a 1/5 Mile oval that has been in operation since 1948. Doc Young had a vision that was laid out amongst the Salt Grass and Alkali that evolved into one of the top producing dirt tracks of Champions, winners, and leaders alike. Today T-Zone Promotions is happy to continue fostering that talent with the same ideals as our founding.

Lemoore Raceway

1750 Hwy 41

Lemoore, California 93245

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