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Sprint Car Insider. T-Zone Promotions – Lemoore Raceway. LEMOORE, Calif. (April 4, 2019) -> Coming into 2019 the Super 600 Class stands to be the most competitive it has been in years.

With the Outlaw Class Shootout Champion, Clay Cup Champion, former Clay Cup and Highbanks Hustle champion, the highest touted young sensation, last years Restricted Champion and many others in the mix, the Super 600 class boasts an all-star lineup weekly.

Picking a favorite to win the Super 600 main event on a nightly basis will be no easy feat. But in this article we highlight the battle of the year.

The battle has been brought home and who benefits from this? You RACE FANS, you are the beneficiaries. It is, as they say, ON!

Perhaps the driver coming in with the most momentum will be Ben Worth. Worth was fast last year and he picked up his fare share of wins, but after the off season he comes in steamrolling with momentum.

Worth went to Tulsa and earned himself the most coveted prize in all of Micro Sprint racing. He won the 55-lap Outlaw class main event and the Golden Driller. It’s the prize that every driver who ever steps into a micro sprint wants to win. He will certainly have a target on his back heading into the season. Can he handle the pressure? It couldn’t possibly be any more pressure than starting the biggest race of your career next to “Mr. Micro sprint,” Frank Flud.

The battle in Tulsa between two local standouts really highlighted the talent level we have out here and once again showed that the phrase on our sign rings true.

We do host “the fastest micro sprint racers in the nation.” On any occasion we could be in for a rematch of the battle of the year.

Leader of the D1/Driven bunch, Jake Hagopian, had won nearly all there is to win in micros. But one race still eludes him. He came close back in January. Close enough to make the move and see victory within his sights, only to be denied. He gave a valiant effort and It’s not over.

The opportunity for redemption lies ahead with every green flag in this region. You can bet he’ll be s tough one to beat. Although he’s scaling back this year to be more of a family man and coach his drivers, the schedule still has a lot on the table for Hagopian. He’ll be back to take on the field more than a few times. If anyone remembers Speedweek you know he’s capable of pullin off the big wins still. He’s still got the fire inside him. The competition better lookout if Hagopian rolls through the pits with a fire suit on.

The field is stacked heading into 2019, perhaps more so than we have seen in a long time. Each week a new driver could be standing atop the podium and that is something we have been looking for in California Micro racing for quite some time.

It’s just about showtime. Who’s your pick?

Race season is here. Read about the rest of the contenders in the reports to follow.

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