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THE CONTENDERS: SUPER 600 Comers and Goers

T-Zone Promotions – Lemoore Raceway. LEMOORE, Calif. (April 4, 2019) -> Coming into 2019 the Super 600 Class stands to be the most competitive it has been in years.

This season the Super 600 class boasts an all-star lineup weekly. On certain weekends the all-star lineup will be even more stacked.

In this article we highlight the comers and goers. These drivers all have decorated history in Micro Sprint racing but have moved on to other forms of racing full time. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be dabbling in the ranks and putting on a show at Lemoore Raceway from time to time.

In fact the reigning Jet Bowl Classic Champion, King of California, and Lemoore Raceway track champion has confirmed he’ll be in the lineup. In 2018 Joey “the Rocket” Ancona drove to the 2018 Lemoore Raceway Super 600 title with six quick times, six wins, and five second place finishes. The 88a was tough to beat at Lemoore Raceway last year. Although he’s moved on to race 360 sprint cars his schedule allowed for him to come back down to Lemoore Raceway. Just when the competition thought the rocket was off into space he’s come back to where it all took off.

Another driver who’s spoiled many nights for anyone else hoping to get into victory lane has confirmed that he’ll be behind the wheel of a Micro many times this year. In fact, it’s already begun for Michael Faccinto. He swept both nights of the Budweiser Outlaw Nationals two weeks ago at Plaza and he’s having a ton of fun driving Christopher Thornhill’s number 19 CS9. If at Lemoore at all, it will only be for one night as the reigning USAC West Coast Midget Champion has another round of the title defense to handle in Bakersfield on Saturday. But look for Faccinto to add more victories to his illustrious Lemoore Raceway career in 2019.

Although he plans to race a lot more Sprint Cars in 2019, whenever Jake Andreotti shows up to race, he will certainly be hard to beat. He won nearly everything there is to win in his micro sprint career but there are a few boxes left unchecked you can almost bet he’s gunning for. Last season Andreotti hogged all the money taking home 10k at the Clay Cup, another 5k at the Mark Hagopian memorial, and put his name on the map by capturing big wins. He won night one of the Highbanks Hustle, took the Showdown in Beantown, and still managed to capture big wins here with the Palace Nationals Co-Crown. His career may be transitioning, but he’s a proven winner.

Another one who’s now full time sprint car racer but you can expect to see take on Lemoore Raceway from time to time is the 2017 Super 600 Champion, Tucker Worth. Worth showed up at the Budweiser Outlaw Nationals at Plaza much to the surprise of many and looked bad fast all weekend. Tucker has thousands of laps logged on Lemoore Raceway and dozens of wins. He’s beat the best in the business numerous times right here on the 1/5th mile and it would surprise no one to see him do it again.

The 2019 season will be one of the most competitive seasons in Super 600 history. With a star studded weekly field, and dabblers with hall of Fame credentials, there is sure to be a battle every time the green flag waves.

It’s time to stop talking about it and let battle take shape. The 2019 race season is finally here. Who’s your pick to take it all?

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