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T-Zone Promotions – Lemoore Raceway. LEMOORE, Calif. (April 2, 2019) -> Coming into 2019 the Super 600 Class stands to be the most competitive it has been in years.

With the Outlaw Class Shootout Champion, Clay Cup Champion, former Clay Cup and Highbanks Hustle champion, the highest touted young sensation, last years Restricted Champion and many others in the mix, the Super 600 class boasts an all-star lineup weekly.

Picking a favorite to win the Super 600 main event on a nightly basis will be no easy feat. In this article we highlight the field of fast drivers who showed that they would be in contention for the title based on their 2018 performance.

There’s one fast lady these boys will all have to contend with week in and week out and that’s Raio Salmon. On the heels of her career best season with three wins at Lemoore and three wins at Delta, she earned runner up points honors at both tracks. Coming into 2019 you can bet she wants to be one step higher on the points board. She was fast every single weekend last year and showed the adaptability to make the small changes during the race to sustain competitiveness. If she comes into 2019 with the same attitude and momentum as 2018, the competition may be in trouble.

There is another driver who turned the corner in 2018 and picked up numerous wins. That driver would be Mitchel Moles. Moles won many races in both wing and non Wing classes. Ever since his partnership with Shawn Smith and the TEN-J crew began, his confidence has been on another level. Moles swept the Budweiser Outlaw Nationals last year and destroyed the competition at the Cal Cup. You can bet he’s big Race ready and ready to earn a lot more in 2019. In fact, he’s already started, he won 4 out of 6 main events at the Budweiser Outlaw Nationals over at Plaza and he’s looking to take home his first Super 600 win of the year this weekend.

Cody Christensen will be back as the pilot of the 12x and he is hungry to get back to victory lane. In 2019 he was always near the front and always had competitive times, if the 12x gets out front he sure can be tough to stop.

Keith Day Jr. has been to victory lane more than a few times and now as a seasoned veteran he’s expected to make it there more often than not. As he’s shown steady improvement year in and year out, he and his brand new PMP are locked and loaded to be prominent contenders all year long.

Another driver looking to make the step up into the winners circle more often is Bakersfield’s Garret Twitter. He won his first career Super 600 race at Plaza in 2018 and opened a lot of eyes. He came close to earning victory at Lemoore last year but couldn’t quite seal the deal. This year, he looks to change that, and he’s proven that he is plenty capable of doing so.

Another driver who made it to victory lane in 2018 and is hungry to get back is Drake Galante. It was one of the most inspirational and emotional victory celebrations to take place at Lemoore Raceway in a long time when Galante earned the win on the night before Mother’s Day. After all Galante had been through it was a welcomed celebration for family, friends, and fans alike. Now that he remembers what it’s like to wheel the 71 to victory he’s hooked, look for Galante to run up front often this season.

The field is stacked heading into 2019, perhaps more so than we have seen in a long time. Each week a new driver could be standing atop the podium and that is something we have been looking for in California Micro racing for quite some time.

The season is here. Who’s your pick?

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