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T-Zone Promotions – Lemoore Raceway. LEMOORE, Calif. (April 5, 2019) ->The Super 600 class looks to be transcending with the addition of two young prodigy’s sure to to make headway early in the going.

Corey Day and Caeden Steele are both scheduled to make the jump from the restricted class to Super 600. Although they are young, their age definitely does not define their talent level. Both of them already have Tulsa Shootout Drillers to their credit. Both of them have numerous big race wins. Both of them have already made quick transitions before whether it be one class to another, or just beginning in general. Both have proven to be quick learners.

Guaranteed to add parity to the already diverse class, we have already seen somewhat of a foreshadowing. Remember Corey Day won in his debut Super 600 race last November at Turkey Night in plaza. He held his own that night and actually managed to stay ahead of the eventual Tulsa Shootout Outlaw Champion. Although the track was heavy there are many elements of the Super 600 class that, according to Day, play into his favor. One, is that his driving style lends him to preferring the big wing. Two, he feels that the class takes more finesse, and he can handle that. Lastly, he says that he enjoys the pressure, and Super 600 can come with a lot of pressure.

Another factor that is worth noting is that he made the Outlaw Class main event in his first try. That alone should play a pretty good role

In combating the notion that the heavy track was why he won his first go at Plaza. There are also many top drivers who feel like Day is on his way to the top. One of which is the boss, Jake Hagopian. Hagopian has touted Day as his driver of the future. In 2019 Day is slated to run Hagopian’s legendary number 14 for up to 12 races and into the future. That’s a big up for the 2018 Restricted Tulsa Shootout winner, Corey Day.

In the case of Caeden Steele he has shown that jumping classes is no match for him. When he came out of the Jr Sprint class he found success early and often. While the Super 600

Class is on a much higher level than Restricted, not too many drivers have found success so early on in the transition. The ones who have, have gone on to be pretty success in the higher divisions.

We also look to the end of last season to see why Steele may fair well in the Super 600 division. Not only did he win the off-season exhibition races, he dominated them. He swept the Cal Cup, Turkey Bowl, and Turkey Night in spectacular fashion to cap off his Restricted career. He may not have gone to Tulsa this year but has had success there in the past when he picked up the Jr Sprint Driller in 2016. He’s also earned the nickname “Iceman” because the pressure never seems to get to him.

With all the players set to play the Super 600

Class will sure be worth the price of admission. Two former Tulsa Shootout, standout drivers, are set to add their name to the mix. The class boasts record parity going into 2019 and anyone of them can win. Not to mention the fact there are many other drivers hungry to add their names to the list. This upcoming season is shaping up to be memorable.

Who comes out on top?

Be there at the Jet Bowl Classic April 5-6, 2019 to see it all unfold live.

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