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Bettencourt Doubles Dose of Victory – 2019 Quarterly Report

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider- Driver Exclusives. VISALIA, Calif. (May 6, 2019) Bryson Bettencourt court the honor of being named the victor of all classes Stock last weekend. If one come- from- behind victory didn’t make the weekend sweet, his dose of domination the following night put the cherry on top.

“It felt like I was having as much fun as when I first started racing,” Bettencourt said. “It feels so good to win, and to go out on the track knowing no matter who’s out there, it’s gonna be a show, and I’m ready to give the challenge.”

Bettencourt rolled into Friday night at Keller Auto Raceway for race four on the season as the early favorite for the title of bridesmaid.

Up to that point, after five races, Bettencourt held down the runner up bid an astounding four times. It was starting to become expected to have the 15B in second. But he sought out to change that.

Qualifying was a dismal fourth quick to start the night but it pushed the team to keep progressing as the night moved forward. He followed qualifying with his trademark second position in the heat and wound up starting the main from the fourth spot.

Early in the going he charged his way Into his famous second position before he reeled in the leader. It was a mono e mono first vs second in the points showdown for the win. Bettencourt drove up the track to bait the leader and he bit it. Bettencourt snuck down and passed him for the lead. From that point forward he never looked back. Although there was a late caution it did not rattle his cage.

“I hate cautions after you’ve been running for so long,” Bettencourt said. “I feel like it takes me out of my rhythm and I’m just all over the place until I get going again.”

But he didn’t let the nerves get to him this time.

As a caution waved with two laps to go Bettencourt was faced with the challenge of having to hold back the surging field to pick up the win. The green flag waved and Bettencourt found his marks for both laps. This was his first career Stock 600 win, his second at Plaza Park and his third career victory.

What could have made this weekend even better?

Well, Bettencourt had sweeps on his mind. The following night the team would travel down highway 198 to Lemoore Raceway for the Third race on their schedule. The last time Bettencourt raced at Lemoore he swept second. He earned the second finishing position during both nights of the Jet Bowl Classic. This time he wanted to wrap it up and seal the deal. He no longer wanted to be the bridesmaid at Lemoore Raceway.

Things started off decently with 4th quick on qualifying again. He actually attributed that as a good omen, because he qualified fourth quick the previous night as well. It put him on the pole of his heat race and he went out a devastated the completion in the heat. Heading into the 25-lap event he was looking primed to win, with a head full of confidence knowing he could do it.”

“I just wanna get the sweep,” Bettencourt said between the heat and main. “When you’re leading these laps take forever, it seems like the race is never going to end. But I’m not looking at the score board tonight, I’m just going to put down the best laps I can and see there that puts me.”

The green flag waved on the third Stock 600 main event of year at Lemoore Raceway and that was about all the field saw of Bettencourt on this night. He demolished the competition this time. He left no question to be asked who the best Stock driver was on this weekend. With that win he also took control of the points standings. Bettencourt now sits atop with an 11 point margin over second.

Bettencourt also holds the points lead at Plaza Park with a staggering 40 point gap. After 7 races this season Bettencourt has finished first or second in four of them. His worst finish to this point is fourth, and he has also not qualified any worse than fourth. Seven races are in the books and Bryson Bettencourt is making his name known. Judging by the stats of the season to date – Bryson Bettencourt is sitting in position to become the first Stock class champion at both tracks in over half a decade.

Bettencourt is in action next Friday May 10 at Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park for race five And Saturday May 11 at Lemoore Raceway for race four. Can he sweep the weekend again. As the first quarter of the season has come to a conclusion Bettencourt has opened the doors to a realm of possibility. Heading into the second quarter and the dog days of season he will on the prowl for more wins, consistent finishes, and opening up a wide Points margin.

The season is moving along quickly, quarter one was impressive but it’s far from over, make sure to keep your eyes on the young 15B as he looks to stop at nothing in order to become champion.

On deck:

Friday – May 10, 2019

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

Race 5

Visalia, Calif.

Saturday – May 11, 2019

Lemoore Raceway

Race 4

Lemoore, Calif.

After 8 Races – 2019 Statistical Analysis:

Season Stats: Bryson Bettencourt

Features: 7

Wins: 2

Top 5: 7

Top 10: 7

*Season Worst finish – 4th*

Quick Results:

Bryson Bettencourt #15B

Budweiser Outlaw Nationals

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

Visalia, Ca

1. Night 1 – March 22, 2019

Super Stock 600

Qualifying: 6th

Heat Race: 1st

Main Event: 3rd

2. Night 2 – March 23, 2019

Super Stock 600

Qualifying: 3rd

Heat Race: 6th

Main Event: 4th

Quick Results:

Bryson Bettencourt #15B

Jet Bowl Classic

Lemoore Raceway

April 5-6, 2019

3. Night 1

Qualifying: 4th

Heat Race:3rd

Main Event: 2nd

4. Night 2

Qualifying: 1st

Heat Race:4th

Dash: 2nd

Main Event: 2nd

5. Plaza Park race 3

Qualifying: 3rd

Heat Race:7th

Main Event: 4th

6. Plaza Park race 4

Qualifying: 4th

Heat Race:2nd

Main Event: 1st

7. Lemoore Raceway 3

Qualifying: 4th

Heat Race: 1st

Main Event: 1st

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