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Defying All Odds – TEN-J Chassis

Expansion teams don’t generally win Super Bowls.

Your favorite craft beer isn’t taking over the market share from Budweiser anytime soon.

The latest and greatest tech company more than likely spent years, maybe even decades, pounding the streets before anyone knew who they were.

The point is – It usually takes a while to see tangible results from any kind of startup. The only professional that starts at the top is a ditch-digger.

But that’s not the case with TEN-J Chassis. The manufacture has not even had cars on the track for a full year yet and they have already accomplished some of the most significant and prestigious acclaims in the sport. From concept to competition Casanova the TEN-J brand has defied all odds from the beginning.

Today the brand is the reigning Outlaw Class Tulsa Shootout Champion, both wing and non-wing, has been taken to victory lane by seven different drivers, and is currently being driven to a win count on pace to shatter records.

From the beginning the brand and those behind it wanted to provide the best competitive edge that any manufacturer could offer. They wanted to see what would happen when you mixed hand-crafted workmanship, with the highest quality materials, used only the most proven products, and gelled together only the personalities that had the desire to not only make it work, but would give their soul to see their contentious creation take an entire industry by storm.

They have managed to do just that. The TEN-J has won the biggest race. The TEN-J has had the most proven drivers jump to take the helm. The TEN-J has had drivers kick their last brand to the curve after one spin around the track. The TEN-J has become a proven fixture on the scene, and the team did it in record time. The steps they took were calculated. The moves they made and the people they placed were all part of a calculated formula to bring the best out of every cog in the machine. No stone goes unturned at TEN-J.

If the proof is in the pudding, get a spoon and a really big bowl – because it’s producing more pudding on a weekly basis.

Home based driver – Mitchel Moles has not had a race weekend this year that he hasn’t earned at least one win. He’s dominated with a wing on, with a wing off, with a stock motor, and with the best piece of horsepower producing engines Coby Adams can churn up, it has not mattered. The driver behind the wheel has been virtually unfazed and is now recognized as one of the hottest drivers in the entire county. He’s on pace to beat the season-long race win total, especially if he starts running the A-Class again.

But standout drivers can make any driver look good some will say, right? But what came first the chicken or the egg? A quick look back at the results from the current driver lineups and what they were doing last year don’t nearly resemble this magnitude of success. The improvement ratio is simply astounding, and it’s across the board, with all its drivers. In another example, long time nor cal hot shoe Brandon Carey became the latest driver to pick up top spot honors in his debut.

The team wins races, constantly turns out better lap times on all the tracks it’s taken on, and takes every different driver it hosts to victory lane. The company has single handedly defied every odd and most hurdle that ordinary startups endure. The company has burst on to the scene and secrets don’t stay secret long in racing.

Every driver who steps into a car seeks a competitive advantage at some point during their rise through the ranks. For those paying attention to Micro Sprint racing TEN-J Chassis has created one you don’t have to search for anywhere but google.

The TEN-J Chassis is available for purchase online.

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