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TEN-J to Take on Highbanks Hustle 

Photo by Tee Jay Crawford: Zeb Wise returns to the seat of a TEN-J Chassis for the first time since his Outlaw Non-Wing win at the Shootout this January

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – MARION, Ill (June 19, 2019) – TEN-J Chassis is taking its show back on the road in search of another major National Micro Sprint title.

This time it’s off to Marion, Illinois, and Southern Illinois Raceway for the 12K to-win;7th Annual Engler Machine and Tool Highbanks Hustle.

Climbing back in the TEN-J for the first time since his triumphant debut at the Tulsa Shootout back in January, the youngest USAC national midget winner in history, Zeb Wise, is back behind the wheel. Wise looks to add $12,000 and the Highbanks Hustle trophy to his mantle matching the Golden Driller he earned in TEN-J’s Outlaw non-wing car at the Shootout. 

Photo by JJ Cox: Zeb Wise’s Ride for the Hustle

“I’m really excited to get back in the TEN-J micro,” Wise said. We were very successful in Tulsa and we had a lot of fun. I’m hoping for more of both this weekend.”

Joining Wise in the TEN-J camp this weekend is arguably the hottest driver in the nation, unquestionably the hottest in California – Mitchel Moles. Moles comes into the Hustle boasting a jaw-dropping total of 18 wins to this point in the season with the team. It’s been a renaissance, break-out season for Moles since he made the switch late last year. Moles and crew-chief, Shawn Smith, have gelled together brilliantly creating a potent combination. With his Golden State dominance ranging from Winged Super 600, Non-Wing, and the Stock Class, there’s plenty of reason to believe that Moles will be a preeminent contender when he rolls in S.I.R.

Photo by Cameron Hageman: Mitchel Moles has been a man on a mission this year. Look for him to be up front at the Hustle

“If we just continue with what we’ve been working on back home and the vibe that we have, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be in contention,” said Moles. “It’s going to be tough, there’s a lot of great drivers out there and we all want to win, but I’m confident in my crew and the team, the rest is up to me to execute.”

Photo by Tee Jay Crawford: Reigning Outlaw Class Shootout Champion Ben Worth will not be in action at the Hustle

Missing from the TEN-J lineup this weekend however is the reigning Tulsa Shootout Outlaw Class champion and original driver of the 10J – Ben Worth. Worth will be back home in California at Ventura Raceway driving a midget for Dean “Kiwi” Alexander as his midget career is currently prospering following a win in his second career start and first start with the USAC Western midgets at Bakersfield Speedway back in April.


Photo by Jordan Silva: Ben Worth celebrates his first midget win in his second start

The TEN-J team is still in its infancy. The brand hasn’t even celebrated its first birthday yet. But when Jerrod Huckleberry envisioned the brand, he intended to leave a lasting mark – and that they have done. 

So far TEN-J has established a world class record. With two Golden Drillers, wins in every micro sprint class in competition, virtually every driver to take the helm of one has found victory lane, and in 2019 alone the brand boasts over 40 checkered flags. The brand is leaving shockwaves in its wake.

Photo by Cameron Hageman: One of Mitchel Moles’ 18 wins in 2019




On top of 40+ wins the brand has 50+ top fives, 70+ top tens, and over 20 quick times. According to Huckleberry he expected no less. But there’s still more to earn – the task at hand.

“We really want this Highbanks Hustle win for the team but more-so for the growth of the brand as a whole,” Huckleberry said. “We want to show the nation more of what TEN-J has to offer. We want to continue to show that our car can win anywhere.”

According to Huckleberry it’s the craftsmanship that goes into each component that makes the difference. 

“Every part and piece on a TEN-J is top of the line,” Huckleberry said. “For that our service is too. We only use the most trusted and proven brands on any of our equipment. For anyone who runs a TEN-J were dedicated to giving that level of service. If you’re in a TEN-J you’re part of the family.”

Despite the successes of the brand thus far the team has a short memory. 


“This race has the potential to make or break your season no matter what you’ve already done,” said Moles’ crew-chief, Shawn Smith. “You’re only as good as your last race. If we hung our hats on all the wins we would never progress.”

The goal and expectations for TEN-J this weekend is nothing short of victory. No one has higher expectations than the team itself. The brand wants to leave a lasting legacy.

With that in mind Zeb Wise and Mitchel Moles have been tabbed as the pilots to bring TEN-J another step closer to 50 wins this season, nothing short of victory will be celebrated.


The wait is over. Resting on yesterday’s accomplishments are not an option. A new day represents another chapter in the brands history, how will it read.

The time has come. Time to Hustle. Hustle on the Highbanks.


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