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TEN-J Leads the Charge into Second Half of Speedweek

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – VISALIA, Calif. (June 27, 2019) – Coming into the penultimate round of the 5th Annual Hoosier Tire California Speedweek the TEN-J Chassis crew already has two bears, five heat race wins, five quick times, six top 5’s, and two points leaders.

TEN-J has amassed all of this with just seven drivers in action and miraculously only been to one B-Main all week as well. In fact, the TEN-J team swept quick time at the Dixon opener, and took two of the three spots in qualifying at Delta as well. Only one other manufacturer has a QuickTime posted as we head to Plaza Park.

Mitchel Moles and Tristan Guardino currently lead the charge for the crew. Both have turned in blistering fast qualifying efforts and managed to bring home a California Bear early in the week. Their success has both of them sitting atop the standings. Guardino comes into the penultimate round with a slim 10 point margin in non wing while Moles has a bit more breathing room at 19 points ahead.

Brandon Carey has been holding down the team banner when it comes to heat race success. Carey has three of TEN-J’s four heat race wins. However, according to Carey, he would trade them all in for a bear in a heartbeat. Carey posted two top 10s at Dixon, one of which was actually in the top 5 but Delta didn’t go as well. With that Carey still enters round three in the top ten of points in both classes. He’ll come in sitting 6th in non wing and 8th in Super 600.

Ben Worth started the night off at Delta Speedway on fire by capturing quick time in non wing by a mile with his 10.004 but he could not carry that momentum with him all night. Despite two tough main events Worth is still very much alive in the standings. He’ll enter the penultimate round 14th in non wing and 5th, still within striking distance in Super 600.

Down into the Restricted class Gauge Garcia has been flying the TEN-J banner high just as he has done all season. He kicked off his week by grabbing quick time at Dixon and has managed to stay inside of the top 10 every time he’s been on track. As it stands right now he will enter round three just 18 points down.

Another young man flying the TEN-J flag with honor this season is young Jeffery Pahule jr. he already has a win to his credit since making the switch and he currently sits atop the Dixon Speedway track championship standings. Pahiule comes into round three a staggering 17th in points. Although in every on-track outing of the week he’s participated in he has been inside of the top 10, his Dixon Qualifying 0 is proving to be detrimental. Despite that little setback, Pahule has put up solid and consistent finishes throughout the week. His main event scores show a 10th at Dixon and a 7th at Delta.

Even one of TEN-J’s newest drivers Carson Myrick has turned in a good showing in his one night of contention so far.

As Speedweek has officially crossed the half way point and the title pictures are taking shape, TEN-J finds themselves in prime position to continue making history. Some of the most impressive numbers of the week come from qualifying, which also happens to be one of the most heavily weighted events every night of the week.

TEN-J already has two Bears, two points leaders, 5 out of 6 quick times, six top 5’s, 10 top 10’s, and only one B-Main all week with only seven drivers in total at the helm of TEN-J’s..

The Penultimate round is next. The championships may be crowned at Lemoore; but they will be won at Plaza.

Notable Results:

Dixon Speedway

Quick Time – Tristan Guardino (NW) Mitchel Moles (Super) Gauge Garcia (R)

Non Wing heat winner – Brandon Carey

Super 600 heat winner – Brandon Carey

Delta Speedway

Quick Time – Ben Worth (NW) Mitchel Moles (Super)

Non Wing heat Winner – Mitchel Moles

Super 600 heat Winner – Brandon Carey

Restricted heat winner – Gauge Garcia

Main Event Winners:

Tristan Guardino – Non Wing

Mitchel Moles – Super 600

TEN-J Drivers points position

Mitchel Moles 1st Super 600

Mitchel Moles 4th Non Wing

Tristan Guardino 1st Non Wing

Ben Worth 14th Non Wing

Ben Worth 5th Super 600

Brandon Carey 6th Non Wing

Brandon Carey 8th Super 600

Gauge Garcia – 3rd Restricted

Jeffery Pahule Jr. – 17th Restricted

Carson Myrick – 37th Non Wing (after one night)

Make sure to stay up to date with all the action from the penultimate round at Keller Auto Raceway by following California Speedweek on twitter or not missing a second of the action by watching live on Fast Four Media.

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