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Bettencourt Bids Runner Up

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. TULARE, Calif. (July 8, 2019)- Bryson Bettencourt earned his 11th Stock 600 podium finish of the 2019 Saturday night at Lemoore Raceway.

Not only was it his 11th podium in 14 races, it was his fourth runner up finish of the year as well. Bettencourt has been the hallmark of consistency in 2019 as he has yet to finish outside of the top 5 in any main event. His season worst finish is 4th, of which he’s earned three times total. With surges like that it’s no wonder he is in stable command of the points lead of both tracks he participates at,

Coming into race eight at Lemoore Raceway the gap to second in the stands was already a staggering 80+ points. After another solid night of running up front his lead now sits at 85 points after eight races.

Saturday night at Lemoore was another showcase of consistency. He took the 15B, D1, out on the track early and laid down the third fastest time of the session. According to Bettencourt it was less than he desired, but good enough.

“Third is never what we hope to qualify,” Bettencourt said. “But it sets us up good for the night and we will be able to make it work.”

Make it work he did. The third quick in qualifying would prove to be the worst outing on the night. In the heat race he climbed up the second spot in an impressive charge, but ten laps weren’t enough to catch the leader. His speed did however give him an extra dose of confidence heading into the main event.

Bettencourt started the 25-lap Stock 600 main event from the outside of the second row in the fourth position. He charged up to second early and stayed there. He filed in behind the leader and gave his best to run him down but it just wasn’t enough Saturday night. Although he was able to distance himself from the rest of the field and turn in another commendable points performance.

“We’re really focused on the bigger picture at this point if the win isn’t right there,” Bettencourt said. “The title is the ultimate goal and even though I want to win I can’t forget that. Second sucks, but hopefully I won’t be second in the end.”

Bettencourt currently boasts two wins at Lemoore Raceway to complement his points advantage and now he also has four 2nd place finishes at Lemoore alone. The gap in points sits at 85 to date with action in Lemoore resuming in August.

It was another night of championship caliber consistency for Bryson Bettencourt. The championship is coming down to crunch time and the 15B already has titles on his mind.

Quick Results:

Lemoore Raceway

Race 8

July 6, 2019

#15B Bryson Bettencourt

Stock 600

Qualifying: 3rd

Heat Race: 2nd

Main Event: 2nd

2019 Season Stats:

Features: 14

Wins: 4

2nd: 4

3rd: 3

Top 5: 14

*Total Podiums – 11*

Season Low – 4th (3 times)

Points Leader: Lemoore Raceway 586 (+85)

Points Leader: Keller Auto Raceway 558 (+71)

Bryson Bettencourt will be in action next in another back-to-back weekend at Keller Auto Raceway and Lemoore Raceway Friday August 9, and Saturday August 10, 2019 to resume his season.

On Deck:

Keller Auto Raceway Rd 7 – Fri. Aug 9

Lemoore Raceway Rd 9 – Sat Aug 10

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