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Izaak Sharp Marks his Place on the Map

Introducing Izaak Sharp to the #PRParmy

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. GRASS VALLEY, Calif. (July 16, 2019) – Winning is the cornerstone purpose of racing.

It’s a sensation that once a driver gets the taste of they never want to lose. It’s what drives them to give everything they’ve got and sacrifice everything they have. Some racers grasp on to this concept at a young age. Winning is more than a result; it’s a mentality.

Izaak Sharp is a winner.

After a gloriously decorated Quarter Midget career, it only took Izaak Sharp 11 races, in his second season in a Micro Sprint, to find victory lane once again. Not only did he find his way back to the winners circle, he was able to do it against arguably the toughest Restricted competition in the nation. A winning mentality prevails and endures progression.

So far in 2019 Sharp has run 20 Restricted 600 features. He boasts a staggering 14 top 10’s, four top 5’s, three podium finishes and the most triumphant moment of his Micro Sprint career to date, his first-career win at Lemoore Raceway.

On June 1, Izaak Sharp permanently added his name to the history books by winning on one of the oldest and most storied tracks in America – Lemoore Raceway.

Sharp fits the Prodigy brand image perfectly. Back in 2017 he earned three California Monza Series Championships in the Quarter Midget ranks. It was just his first year in the senior division and he put his nose to the grindstone utilizing his winning mentality to out-duel the entire field. At years end, he came away with championships in Sr. Animal, Sr. Honda, and Lt. 160.

With two electrifying years of Quarter Mideget racing under his belt his career reached a turning point of natural progression. The Sharp family had friends involved in Micro Sprint racing. Soon it became evident that the roar of 600cc engines fitted into Micro-scaled sprint cars would be the sound of harmony for Izaak’s racing career moving forward.

The start of 2018 was Sharp’s Micro Sprint rookie campaign. The team decided to throw Izaak to wolves and contest in the highly touted King of California series. With little, to no experience, in a Micro Sprint to that point, he held his ground. He had rookie moments and found the learning curve against California’s level of competition to be steep. In the end 2018 was highlighted by solid qualifying performances, running up front in heat races, and gaining valued seat time while earning some good finishes. All of it set him up for a real run in 2019.

His year started off rough at Plaza Park during the Outlaw Nationals. While he showed promise, things didn’t quite pan out as the team had hoped.

When April rolled around the team was back in action and ready to get 2019 going in a better direction. On night one of the Jet Bowl Classic he scored his first top 10 of the season by taking home 9th.

Just a week later he crept closer to the top five with a 6th place finish at Dixon. The next weekend he gained even more momentum by landing in the top 10 at Delta Speedway. Delta is widely regarded as the track with the most contention magnifying any mistake on a given night and keeping drivers on their toes.

Izaak would go on to put up two of his best performances of the entire season so far at Delta including his runner up bid on May 4th. He kept the 24 inside of the top 10 over the next two shows but it was his return to Lemoore that put him on the map.

In just his 11th race, in his second year, Izaak Sharp stamped his status as a contender. Against the fiercest completion the Golden State has to offer, he put himself into the lead and showed the way past the checkered flag.

On June 1, 2019 Izaak Sharp officially became a Micro Sprint winner.

From that point the season has had its ups and downs; but his Speedweek performance at Delta was another showcase of his arrival. This time he did it against the best racers from all over the world. His charge up to third during night two of the 5th Annual Hoosier Tire California Speedweek was the sealing of the deal.

If any of his competitors had failed to realize he had arrived, Speedweek at Delta was a wake up call. Now that he has 20 races in the books and 14 of them have ended in the top 10 his consistency is catching up with his speed.

As the season moves into the second half Sharp has steamrolled into confidence at the helm of his Restricted 600. He knows he’s capable of winning against the best in the entire sport.

For someone with a winners mentality that confidence could spell trouble for the rest of the field.


Izaak Sharp and everyone at Sharp Racing would like to cordially extend their sincerest thanks to all of the partners involved:

Quick Results: 

Izaak Sharp

#24 Restricted 600

Delta Speedway

Race 7

July 13, 2019

Qualifying: 18th

Heat Race: 7th

Main Event: 8th

Season Statistics:

Features: 20

Wins: 1

Top 5s: 4

Top 10s: 10

Up next for Sharp Racing:

Dixon Speedway

Race 8

Saturday – July 20, 2019

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