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Why Not Me? Pahule Clay Cup Bound

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. BELLINGHAM, Wash. (July 16, 2019) – Pahule Family Racing is en route to the Pacific Northwest to take on the 2019 Clay Cup Nationals this weekend playing on house money.

Thursday night the Clay Cup Nationals kick off once again at Deming Speedway in Bellingham, Washington. Just miles from the Canadian boarder a Golden State ray of Top-level talent is set to invade the northwest. Among those Golden State storm rolling into the north is the Dixon Speedway Restricted class points leader Jeffrey Pahule Jr.

Jeffrey Pahule Jr and his Teletech Communications 44x TEN-J is set to roll out in search of a Restricted Class Clay Cup Title worry $3,500. The team is steamrolling with momentum right now, and their eyes are on the prize. Coming into the weekends events Pahule’s has only finished outside of the top 10 in a single race this year. He also has 12 top five finishes and 10 Podiums to go along with it. Jeffrey Pahule Jr is driving his way to a career season in 2019.

Every indication of what’s possible this weekend at Demming Speedway is positive, and leaves the team with that – “why not me,” feeling.

This year going into Clay Cup Jr is consistently performing better than he ever has. He has multiple main event victories to his credit. The last time on track he blew through almost an entire field of top-level competitors, easily capable of being considered favorites in Washington. As a matter of fact he has passed 62 cars combined in main events this season at three tracks alone this year. He has gelled with his car, with the manufactured team, and that team has seemingly everything dialed in right now.

Going down the line there is nothing but positive vibes flowing from the Pahule Racing Camp.

Confidence for a race car driver can do wonders. Right now Jeffrey Pahule jr has every reason to be just as confident as any driver on the track. This time around when a list of contenders or prominent threats comes up, Pahule fits the bill, or even climbs in the category of dark horse at worst.

Another glaring reason for confidence in the Pahule camp is the fact that they are rolling in as part of undeniably the hottest manufacturer in the industry. TEN-J Chassis has racked up stats and made history every single place they have gone. Now, having already establishing himself as one of the ground-floor members of history, Jr has the opportunity to go a step further, and make his mark in the manufacturers legacy. There is nothing separating that possibility from becoming reality.

It all starts Thursday night. The Clay Cup Nationals are off and rolling once again. Jeffrey Pahule Jr and the rest of the Golden State greats look to take their show on the road and stand on podiums in the great pacific north west.

If you can’t make it to watch Jr. in action live, be sure to tune into and see the coveted diamond that is Deming Speedway during Clay Cup time.

2019 stats:

Jeffrey Pahule Jr

#44x Restricted 609


4/13 Dixon 4th

4/27 Dixon 2nd

5/11 Dixon 4th

6/8 Dixon 1st

6/22 Dixon 2nd

7/6 Dixon 1st

Speedweek Dixon 10th

Points 1st 547 (+92)


3/17 Delta 7th

4/6 Delta 2nd

4/20 Delta 6th (+11 spots)

5/4 Delta 3rd (+7)

6/14 Delta 7th

6/15 Delta 3rd (+11)

7/13 Delta 6th (+10)

Speedweek Delta 7th

Points 4th 292 (-32)


3/22 Plaza 3rd

3/23 Plaza 7th

5/31 Plaza 3rd (+14)

Speedweek Plaza 8th (+6)


6/1 Lemoore 14th

Speedweek Lemoore 3rd (+3)

Heading into Clay Cup

21 Features

20 Top 10s

12 Top 5s

10 Podiums

2 Wins

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