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A Chronological Look Back at TEN-J History

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – Brand Exclusive. LEMOORE, Calif. (July 27, 2019) – The TEN-J Chassis brand has the opportunity to make history tonight by possibly picking up their 75th manufacture win at Delta Speedway tonight.

The shocking part of it is that they have not even been on the track for an entire year yet. In honor of the diamond milestone Prodigy Race Promotions/Sprint Car insider has been there from the beginning. Below is every article written about the brand from start to present. The evolution happened quickly, but a look back reflects on all that went into creating the juggernaut we see today.

Article 1. – The introduction of the brand. This is the official intro of TEN-J and the history behind Huckleberry and what lead him to creating it. Written and published September 10, 2018.


Article two – Mitchel Moles debut in the all new at last years MHM. The second driver of the brand.


Article three -the brand expansion. Three cars officially on track at MHM.


Article four. TEN-J’s FIRST WIN. Ben Worth got it done in the non wing car at Plaza Park to earn the brands first win.


Article five – Tristan Guardino earns the second brand win at Lemoore, becomes second driver to win in TEN-J.


Article six – TEN-J earns its first wing win at Dixon.


Article seven – TEN-J earns its first sweep by winning three out of three classes at last years California Cup.


Article eight – Ben Worth wins his first Turkey Bowl and unofficial sets the fastest 10 lap record in Delta Speedway history.


Article nine- More records are broken as Mitchel Moles sets the Plaza Park track record.


Article 10j – a full recap of the 2018 season.


Article eleven- Tulsa Shootout preview.


Article twelve – raceday in Tulsa.


Article thirteen – Going into Driller day.


Article fourteen – complete Tulsa recap.


Following a brief and regrettable hiatus TEN-J returns to Sprint Car Insider in May 2019.




Now after last nights sweep of Dixon Speedway the brand stands at 73 total wins. The next story is being written by the guys on the track right now.

How will read?

Where does the brand go from here?

Who picks up the diamond milestone 75th win?

Find out by sticking close to Prodigy Race Promotions and Sprint Car Insider.

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JJ Cox -
Lead Contributor of Sprint Car Insider.
Sole Proprietor of Prodigy Race Promotions.
Current Freelance Announcer with educated broadcast experience.
Media Relations Advisor.
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Fresno State Bulldog - Broadcasting and Public Relations.
Grew up going to 50+ Sprint Car races a year and Raced Motocross for 10 years.
Die Hard Dirt Race Fan
Just a rolling stone.

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