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TEN-J Chassis – Milestone Makers

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – VISALIA, Calif. (July 3, 2019) – Now that the dust has settled on the 5th Annual Hoosier Tire California Speedweek the TEN-J Chassis crew celebrates another milestone in their rapid ascension to the top of the micro sprint ranks.

Winning a California Speedweek Bear is the pinnacle of the entire year for some micro sprint drivers. But not for TEN-J. In the manufactures first attempt at Speedweek as a brand they swept the three titles, won four main events, took seven of 12 quick times, and did not have one driver finish finish outside the top 10 in overall standings.

It’s been a year of making milestones for TEN-J.

Winning makes a name for yourself and TEN-J has won a lot. In the midst of winning his Super 600 title, Mitchel Moles won his 20th race of the year alone. Gauge Garcia locked down his fifth and sixth wins of the season en route to his Restricted title and Tristan Guardino picked up another win for the brand to lock up the title that’s eluded him for years.

Between Ben Worth, Mitchel Moles, Tristan Guardino, Gauge Garcia, Jett Barnes, Zeb Wise, Darin Naedia, Brandon Carey, and Jeffery Pahule Jr. the brand has two drillers, three Speedweek titles, and over 40 wins this season, nearly 60 all together. The brand has accumulated all of these accolades and today we still sit two months from the concept cars first anniversary on track.

The performance of the brand is indisputable but Jerrod Huckleberry attributes a single key factor to the brands success.

“We’re lucky to have the absolute best drivers,” Huckleberry said. “When you put guys with this level of talent in your equipment; you have to step up. We’re surrounded by the best drivers out there.”

The story of TEN-J’s conception dates back almost two years ago to the month. It all began with a driver that the crew felt had unlimited potential, being limited by the potential of his equipment. Huckleberry was nearly out of racing all together, but his will to win, and desire to foster potential in drivers created the monster you see today.

With great success comes great scrutiny. It’s human nature to criticize and TEN-J has its critics. There’s one thing all racers have in common, they all want to win. When something new comes along and wins everything in sight, and makes the seemingly impossible, possible, the voices of skepticism ring loud.

Opinions are opinions, and everyone is entitled to them, some may be warranted, some may be inflated, but they’re heard. However, the old saying goes – “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, the facts are loud and clear, how they’re received is entirely up to the individual.

It’s a fact that TEN-J has won more races as a brand this year in California than any other. It’s a fact that the brand owns the most prestigious trophy in the industry. It’s a fact that the brand has multiple wins each division and multiple weekend sweeps. It’s a fact that TEN-J became the first brand to sweep Speedweek and its a fact that they’ve done it all in just TEN months of official existence.

Not only are the facts important but the display of superior forethought and instinctive thinking are as well. For the team to put all their eggs in the basket of their first two premier drivers of Worth and Moles has paid dividends. Neither driver has ever had the season they’re enjoying this year. The brand put their sole focus in fostering the potential of the two – and look what’s happened…

By taking two great drivers and showing them a new level of faith and commitment the two have turned the corner to “all-time” by winning the biggest micro race in the world and being on pace for 40 single season wins.

The first year has been all about making milestones. The vision has become a reality. In just TEN short months the lifetime achievements can never be taken away.

The level of commitment and desire to win is undeniable. The performance is clear as day.

Critics may have a lot to say but the fact remains the same – TEN-J is here to stay.

TEN-J Chassis –



Mitchel Moles – 2019 Hoosier Tire California Speedweek Super 600 Champion

Tristan’s Guardino – 2019 Hoosier Tire California Speedweek Non Wing Champion

Gauge Garcia – 2019 Hoosier Tire California Speedweek Restricted Champion.

Ben Worth 2019 Tulsa Shootout Outlaw Class Champion

Zeb Wise 2019 Tulsa Shootout Outlaw Non-Wing Champion

2019 Win Count #TENjwinning

Mitchel Moles – 20 wins

Jett Barnes – 12 wins

Gauge Garcia – 6 wins

Ben Worth – 5 wins

Darin Naedia – …. wins?

Tristan Guardino – 2 wins?

Zeb Wise – 1 win

Brandon Carey – 1 win

Jeffery Pahule – 1 win

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